For the best emails circulating the net on political subjects. There’s a definate conservative bent here, so be ye hereby forewarned…

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Just a note to those who wonder about the validity of some of the emails posted here, I take everything that snopes and factorfiction say with a HUGE grain of salt when it comes to political subjects, since BOTH of them openly claimed the Obama was eligible to be president, when in fact, the short form birth certificate that he originally posted and was later reposted on both snopes and factorfiction, can be obtained by ANY foreign born baby who happens to register in Hawaii, and that same form as originally released bore marks of forgery when examined with a hex editor… Both snopes and factorfiction were/are wrong on this one, and upon deeper research, as I remember, there were questionable ties as well behind factorfiction’s founders and Obama’s campaign.

Just so you know where this website stands on that issue…


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