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Arlington Cemetery

Author: , December 10th, 2016

Tweet *ARLINGTON CEMETERY* Jeopardy Question: On Jeopardy the other night, the final question was “How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns?” All three contestants missed it! This is really an awesome sight to watch if you’ve never had the chance. Fascinating. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier [...]


[health] Smallpox and Bedbugs

Author: , November 22nd, 2016

Tweet About the time it was learned that mosquitoes were a factor in malaria, it was also learned that bedbugs were a factor in smallpox (with malnutrition and filth also playing roles). It’s been said that two of the greatest factors in getting rid of those bad diseases of yesteryear (that the CDC group says [...]


Unbelievable Sign Near Dearborn, Michigan

Author: , November 4th, 2016

Tweet Unbelievable Sign Near Dearborn, Michigan Are there “no-go” zones in the U.S.? Is this one of them? Dearborn, Michigan is the first city to become almost completely Muslim. Yours may be next because they are here and more come every day. Amazing that any city would allow something like this to be displayed. * [...]


Fwd: the Queen Bee

Author: , October 25th, 2016

Tweet *_Copyright Canada Free Press_*__ __ *Total Personal Staff members for US First ladies* Mamie Eisenhower: One – paid for personally, out of President’s salary. *Total number of Personal Staff Members paid by Tax Payers* Jackie Kennedy: One Lady Bird Johnson: One Pat Nixon: One Betty Ford: One Rosaline Carter: One Barbara Bush: One Hilary [...]


Alleluia Joke

Author: , October 21st, 2016

Tweet A Republican, in a wheelchair, entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across the restaurant and asked is that Jesus sitting over there?” The waitress nodded “yes! So, the Republican requested that she give Jesus a cup of coffee, on him. The next patron [...]