This site exists for several reasons:

  • Compile all the good emails online that were filling up the webmaster’s (Tim Benedict) email inbox.
  • Be a place where other people can also read and share the best chain emails floating around the net.
  • Provide advertising space for the webmaster to promote some of his own products and services.

  • Hence, this site has been compiled and set up by Tim Benedict, a jack of all trades, a man of many projects and interests, and some would say- a man who is very ADHD *grin*.

    Who is he?

  • Husband of one woman
  • Father to eight kids, both natural and adopted
  • “Dad” to several other local kids who look up to him
  • Inventor and researcher, in various hard sciences like antigravity and force-field propulsion, magnet energy extraction, hydrogen cell fuel generation, gas mileage stretching, and more…
  • Musician who plays regularly in church on several different instruments, and who is recording his own music CD
  • Writer of a number of published fiction, nonfiction, how-to, and more, books, ebooks, and manuals
  • Outdoorsman, teacher, design engineer, IT Tech, hunter, fisherman, rock climber, caver, leader, conservative, computer programmer, Jesus Freak, real estate investor, man with a heart….
  • who is dreaming and saving up his pennies to maybe someday build a Christian camp in the mountains of Southwestern Idaho, USA….
  • So just click on over to his website to find out more, and/or patronize his projects by buying something from him and his family.

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