Tales From The Alaskan Side

Published Date Author: , November 28th, 2017

It’s finally arrived, just in time for Christmas! Tim’s (the funky geko) summary of his years spent up in Alaska both working, exploring, and having fun. It’s thirty one chapters of his experiences up there, surprises, events, campfire stories, and some of his deeper thoughts into what makes the great state of Alaska, Alaska. Stories like “The Plugged Up Bear”, or the story of the rescue of a damsel in distress, these stories will either make you laugh till you cry, or make you cry because it hurts. Why?

These aren’t stories you would hear anyplace else. For example. The “Miracle on the Kuskokwim River” is a hair-raiser that actually happened to Tim while he was driving on an ice road one time. You just won’t find tales quite like this one any place else. They each have their own “moral of the story” included. You’ve never seen Alaska quite like this, in all her shame, her brutality, and her awesome beauty.

If visiting Alaska someday is on your bucket list, you need to read this book first.  The included “Tips for Surviving Alaska” might just save your life. Seriously. You’ll know what you are getting into, before hand, and that can make all the difference between an absolute disaster, and a trip that you actually enjoy, that you walk away from with satisfaction in your heart.

So come on over and find your own copy today on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0779VXHD4 in either paperback or kindle! Need some good conversation starters for your next get-together? Great for both the coffee table and porcelain throne room alike, each chapter is easily readable in a single sitting, and will arm you with enough stories that your next shindig will never be forgotten, guaranteed.


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