Published Date Author: , August 16th, 2016

>> What was Mr. Kahn’s true reason for his speech? >> His son died 12 years ago in a war Mr. Trump did not agree with – but >> KILLERY did. >> Could the CLINTON Foundation have anything to do with his speaking at >> the DNC? >> Khizr Muazzam Khan graduated from Punjab University Law College, the >> New York Times says, and he specialized in International Trade Law in >> Saudi Arabia. >> An interest lawyer for Islamic oil companies, Khan wrote a paper >> called ‘In Defense of OPEC’ to defend the Organization of the >> Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), an intergovernmental oil >> company consisting of mainly Islamic countries. >> Khan is a promoter of Islamic Sharia Law. Khan is also co-founder of >> the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law (Islamic Sharia). >> “The law firm (Hogan & Hartson and Lovells) for which Mr. Kahn >> worked, just COINCIDENTALLY is also the law firm for the Royal Court >> of Saudi Arabia, the tax lawyers for Bill & Hillary Clinton (and the >> Clinton Foundation), and also where Loretta Lynch worked. >> In addition, they also represent a small tech firm in Denver, CO. >> (yes, the same little firm that “managed” Hillary’s private server). >> The COLLUSION AND CORRUPTION RUNS DEEPER THAN IMAGINABLE, my >> friends!!! No wonder the media is falling all over itself to defend >> this man. >> *NOW YOU KNOW WHERE ALL THE MONEY IS GOING AND WHY THE PRESS DEFENDS >> MR. KAHN SO MUCH !!! ALL THE MONEY GOES TO “K”ILLARY CLINTON’S >> CHARITES (FOUNDATIONS…..)*


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