Sign the petition to free the Planned Parenthood investigators

Published Date Author: , May 3rd, 2016

The true measure of a nation is how deeply it holds to the sanctity of human life, and how hard it defends its weakest and most defenseless demographics (the elderly, the disabled, the sick, and the unborn). -the geko image image Fellow Pro-Life American, image The two pro-life heroes who made the now-famous undercover Planned Parenthood videos are facing prison time. It’s been uncovered that the District Attorney who indicted these two heroes received */over $25,000/* in campaign contributions from an attorney who represents a late-term abortionist. *But, perhaps worst of all, David Daleiden’s home was just /_raided_/by state investigators, as if he were some kind of criminal!* *Please sign the emergency petition to the Harris County District Attorney demanding that the charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt be dropped and that Planned Parenthood be charged with a crime.* *This DA, Devon Anderson, is a pro-abortion zealot. She let Planned Parenthood get off scot-free in this scandal. And she wants to throw the two heroes who uncovered Planned Parenthood’s crimes in prison.* Operation Rescue has been fighting to expose Planned Parenthood for decades. David Daleiden, one the brave undercover investigators, is a personal friend of mine. This good man doesn’t deserve to go to jail. He and his colleague Sandra Merritt are heroes! *Please sign the petition demanding that this insane indictment of David and Sandra be dropped.* *image* The Harris County District Attorney believes she can get away with this scheme to protect Planned Parenthood and destroy David and Sandra. We can’t let that happen. _Top Planned Parenthood officials are on tape negotiating prices for baby body parts. They even joke about using their millions to buy exotic sports cars._ They’re the criminals. They’re the ones who should be indicted, not the courageous activists who took the risk of exposing them! *That’s why Operation Rescue started this emergency petition drive. Please sign the petition immediately. And then ask every pro-life friend and relative to do the same.* Simply forward this email to everyone you know who cares about life and justice. We need to bombard this vile prosecutor with petitions. *We need to show the media and the politicians that pro-lifers won’t let David and Sandra be railroaded.* We need to expose this Harris County DA as nothing but a militant supporter of Planned Parenthood who is covering up their crimes and trying to send innocent Americans to prison! *Please click here and sign the petition right now.* And then please pray for David and Sandra. Remember, they are right now at the mercy of a DA who took over $25,000 in campaign contributions from the lawyer of a late-term abortionist. Even their homes aren’t safe. A few days ago, David Daleiden’s door was kicked down and his home ransacked by “investigators,” as if he were some kind of terrorist. *To the pro-abortion powers-that-be, killing babies is a type of evil religion. They’ll defend Planned Parenthood and throw these two pro-life heroes into the darkest and most terrifying jail she can find.* It’s up to the entire pro-life community to save them. *Please sign our petition immediately. Then, please forward this email to everyone you know.* This is truly urgent! Sincerely, Troy Newman President Operation Rescue *image* Click here to be removed from this opt-in list or send a written request to: Faith and Liberty PO Box 277 Maxwell, IA 50161.


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