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Published Date Author: , May 15th, 2016

Two patients limp into two different doctors’ offices with the same complaint: Both have trouble walking and may require hip surgery. Patient 1. is examined within the hour, is x-rayed the same day and has a time booked for surgery the following week. Patient 2. sees his family doctor after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment, then waits 8 weeks to see a specialist, then gets an x-ray, which isn’t reviewed for another week and finally has his surgery scheduled for 6 months from then, pending the review board’s decision on his age and remaining value to society. Why the different treatment for the 2 patients? The FIRST is a Golden Retriever taken to a vet. The SECOND is a Senior Citizen on ObamaCare. In November, if there is no change in government… we’ll all have to find a good vet.


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