“The Syndrome” Documentary To Be Released April 15

Published Date Author: , February 26th, 2016

/The Syndrome/ documentary about Shaken Baby Syndrome and produced by investigative journalist Susan Goldsmith and Meryl Goldsmith will be released soon. They say that hundreds of innocent people are in prison and on death row on false child abuse charges. The link to information about the release of the documentary is at the bottom of this note. Surely, Christians should care about those in prison, falsely convicted. There were many people here in Idaho who were railroaded by the local police, media, and medical “experts” to prison on very questionable evidence. There was a local case where a young fellow was accused of abusing a baby and breaking its bones. He asked the female police officer, “How could I have caused the broken bones when there were no bruises?” The female police officer said she didn’t know, but /in cases like this, one was *guilty until proven innocent.* / / / In a local case of supposed Shaken Baby Syndrome, the defendant was accused of shaking the baby, as I remember, up to /dozens/ of times–yet the medical report noted that the baby’s neck was in good shape. (There’s quite a bit of information on the internet about the late head trauma expert Werner Goldsmith of the University of California-Berkeley. He said that it was impossible to have a justified Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnosis without there being whiplash-type neck injury. I don’t think he’s closely related to the two Goldsmith cousins who made this documentary since I’ve read that he was the only one of his family not to die during WWII. A local friend talked to him before he died about Shaken Baby Syndrome.) There was a local case where the defendant said the child he was babysitting had fallen off the back of the couch. The prosecutor said that couldn’t have caused the injuries the child had. Yet a BSU physics professor wrote a letter to the editor saying that statement was false; that it is /known/ to have occurred. Another BSU professor, an expert on the polygraph, testified at this defendant’s sentencing that he’d never had anyone test as high on a polygraph as this defendant. He said that he was as certain as he could be, without actually having witnessed the event, that the defendant was innocent. He said that while it is not uncommon for an innocent person to test “guilty” with a polygraph test; it is uncommon for a guilty person to test “innocent” as this defendant had. Later, I read an article about polygraph testing and it mentioned that this same BSU professor, the expert on the polygraph, had been called as an expert witness on the polygraph by the U.S. military in a court case involving the military. It seemed to me, too, that the local newspaper, the /Idaho Press-Tribune, /went out of its way to help get this defendant convicted. I wondered why…..Was the editor or somebody else at the paper related to somebody in the case? Friends? I just couldn’t understand the extreme media bias. At the sentencing, too, one of those demonizing the defendant was sitting in the courtroom beside the judges’s daughter. I was later told that they were good friends. This was pointed out to the presiding judge, Dennis Goff. He just blew that off, saying that he and his daughter had not discussed the case and, furthermore, if they had discussed it, his daughter’s comments would not have influenced him. There was something else I won’t mention here that I–and others–saw during this trial that I later learned was cause for a mistrial. The court just let it go. This trial was my introduction to just how rotten and corrupt our “justice” system is. That young man was sentenced to life in prison for killing the little girl he was babysitting. There are other local cases where people have been punished for “child abuse crimes” without any evidence to prove guilt. Many years ago, Brian Clarke, a London pathologist wrote in his article, “Reginal Hemorrhages: Evidence of Abuse of Abuse of Evidence?” that actual child abuse deserves punishment but, “It is equally abhorrent that overzealous investigation, refusal to study alternative explanations, or narrow-minded pursuit of blame for an infant’s death can destroy the lives of the accused and their family creating supplementary victims.” The fact is, those engaged in this are actually abusers themselves. So many of those who have helped put innocent people behind bars for child abuse have then turned around and promoted vaccination programs to the unwitting public. Vaccine injury is a HUGE factor in these false child abuse cases–but the police, media, and medical systems do not want to admit this. For obvious reasons. It is great to see that, finally, after many years of these false child abuse charges and convictions, that the wheels of justice are turning. (Also, in 2014, former prosecutor Deborah Tuerkheimer’s book, /Flawed Convictions: “Shaken Baby Syndrome” and the Inertia of Injustice, /was published by Oxford University Press about these false child abuse charges/convictions. I’ve just started to read it. The author was educated at Harvard and Yale and now teaches law at Northwestern University. Her book has 60 pages of references; and I noticed in that collection a reference to a medical journal article by neuroradiologist Dr. Patrick Barnes–which I read years ago and which mentions vaccine injury as one of many conditions causing these conditions misdiagnosed as child abuse. Dr. Barnes was also quoted in the Sept., 2000 or 2001, /Redbook / article, “Was It MURDER Or A Bad Vaccine?” At that time he was at Boston Children’s Hospital. By the time the journal article I saw referenced in Tuerkheimer’s book was published, he was at Stanford.) Now for the documentary information. I can’t wait to see it. _Rent or buy the film April 15th!_ We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Freestyle Digital Media to release The Syndrome on April 15th. The film will be available for rent on many platforms like AT&T U-verse, DirecTV, Dish, iN Demand (services Cox, Time Warner, etc.) and Vubiquity (services Verizon Fios and other cable outlets that iN Demand doesn’t service), as well as Amazon, itunes, and more – we will have the final details soon. It is very rare for a documentary to land on so many platforms, and we’re thrilled it will reach millions of homes in North America. It will also play in theaters in NYC and LA the same day for 1 week. Check out the article inDeadline Hollywood ! We will be revealing our poster, and sharing the full trailer in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned on our social media pages the weeks leading up to the release, as we will be doing a national push and expect a lot of big press. All together, we can make huge waves, but we really need your help in spreading the word that the film is available on April 15th! ———————————————————————— Two other ways you can see the film, and right away! 1. If you would like to host a GROUP screening, you can use it to raise awareness on the issue, or as a fundraiser – charge for tickets, ask for donations, or find a sponsor. Please fill out this form, and we will get back to you via email with information, pricing and a how-to screening toolkit. resetfilms.com/hostascreening 2. We are now offering private LAWYER/LAW FIRM rentals. For the same price as the group screening, lawyers who don’t have time to host a group screening but need to see it – you can now share with your co-counsel and defense team during the rental. You can even use it in the trial. Please fill out this form, and we will get back to you via email with information and pricing resetfilms.com/hostascreening Both the group and lawyer screenings come with a bonus: a DVD rental of our panel – 100 minute video of two doctors featured in the film, and Susan answering FAQs. This will NOT be available through the April 15th release, and is/will only be available for GROUP and LAWYER/LAW FIRM rentals.


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