New book funding project by the funky geko

Published Date Author: , February 2nd, 2016

Dear Friends, It’s finally coming! It’s the book I’ve (the funky geko) been researching and working on for several years now. It’s the book about an Ancient Nuclear War & a Cover Up of Historical Proportions, that you can read about (and sign up to receive info about) over at . I have a kickstarter campaign going in order to let people pre-order their copy today, and to let me focus on this book exclusively for the next several months to GET THE BOOK DONE! Keep in mind that unless the kickstarter goal is actually reached, I get zero funding, and the release date for this book will keep getting pushed out until whenever I can fit in time to work on this project. So if you want to see the book out immediately, then click on over to An Ancient Nuclear War and a Cover Up of Historical Proportions, and pledge something to the campaign, and then let all your friends know about it too! Sincerely, -T Russell Benedict (aka the funky geko) Author and amateur historian — -tim benedict (dot net) Live off the grid, get better gas mileage, Learn who God is, and read some good sci-fi. Author T. Russell Benedict


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