Muslim hand sign

Published Date Author: , February 9th, 2016

“The government should fear it’s people, the people shouldn’t fear the government. ” Thomas Jefferson Subject: Muslim hand sign He said he was a Muslim so I don’t have any problem with this contention. (but It looked to me like they had a really good basketball team) ———————————————————————— *Subject: * Muslim hand sign *Subject:* * Muslim hand sign* *These are pictures of the Muslim hand sign.****It is the Muslim way of silently saying the Shadaha, * */”The only god is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet!/**//**Index finger extended vertically, symbolizes /”one god.”/* *Important:**Look at the pictures at the very end!* *cid:3249339EF46A4256BCD6323A07A96F6E@AlexPC* *cid:4BCBA12F2A0B442EB5FC1D142C9F0339@AlexPC* *cid:792E5E692966482BAA0E06FBF0751879@AlexPC* *cid:6EA26AE535C34D6888A4DEA3EF55602C@AlexPC* *cid:4A1748634FBC4AA78796D777A112EB8D@AlexPC* *cid:D15DC241C2E949679738EFC3509E90E2@AlexPC* *cid:7797070BADD749F9A5CB68554B9D3B65@AlexPC* *cid:2B55EBFD65BD4B088D990F9C9E97B93D@AlexPC* *cid:26CFA0513BBB4C1289AE66657A477010@AlexPC* *A closer look. . . .* *cid:5855471321A249338EE4A536B24527F2@AlexPC* */You can bet that 100% of the M/**/u/**/sl/**/i/**/ms of the world who view these photos of Obama absolutely know what he is telling them. Those who saw him do this in the picture have a VERY big smile on their faces! Silently. Secretly. But at the same time, OPENLY. The President of the United States is one of them and on their side. Any doubts now? Keep this email going!!/*


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