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Published Date Author: , January 29th, 2016

View this kickstarter project being undertaken by the funky geko author. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trussellbenedict/an-ancient-nuclear-war-and-a-coverup-of-historical If this kickstarter project can get funded, then I will have the time I need to finish this potential best seller book about ancient technology and archeology. I have hundreds of people already signed up to receive info on how to order the finished book. This is archeology that completely upends the evolutionary theory, threatens to expose coverups at the national level, and turns a lot of established religious dogma on its head. This is archeology of giants, of little people, of “aliens”, of Big-foots, and of a nuclear war almost 4000 years ago. It’s archeology of space craft, of nuclear power, of interplanetary colonization, and more. In short, the “Three Technological Ages of Man” framework of human history postulated in this book actually explains how these things all tie together, with earth shaking repercussions. It’s information that our world today desperately needs to hear, for what it may portend in our very real near future. See http://www.AncientNuclearWar.com for more info behind the project. — -tim benedict (dot net) Live off the grid, get better gas mileage, Learn who God is, and read some good sci-fi. Author T. Russell Benedict http://www.EvergreenMountainPublishing.com


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