Fwd: 2016 CAMPAIGN POSTERS – not jokes

Published Date Author: , May 1st, 2015

*CAMPAIGN POSTERS – not jokes* *2016 CAMPAIGN POSTERS* *The poster with the three monkeys really hits home and to the point. Shown below are posters designed for possible use in 2016. If they are used, it will be because enough people in authority will have decided that it is time to put a stop to lies as the staple of Washington .* *NEVER FORGET! Justice is demanded for those murdered and Justice for Incompetence of the people allowing this to happen is due. Harsh but please keep this moving. Everyone should see this.* *The horrific torture this man had to endure should be a reminder to* *those who admire/support Hillary. How could anyone ever say “What difference does it make?”* *Some folks may be bored by keeping this story alive, but looking at the crowd that is doing this and planning for the future (What does it matter?) the memory needs to be kept alive.* // *Let ‘ s circulate this to as many as possible.* *I did my part. Now it’s up to you to send it on to others!*


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