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Published Date Author: , January 5th, 2015

Just a little more of something to think on that seems like something worth passing along. Seems like reasonable information to me…a cousin that is a pharmacist told me a few years ago that they’re family doesn’t do the flu shots as the stuff mutates too fast to be effective for anything by the time the vaccine is administered to the public. I have been taking Vit D3 (5000mg) for the last 4 yrs (25mg/lb body wt seems to be a fair formula) and haven’t had a cold or anything similar since I started doing that. Have a few friends that do the same thing with the same results. At the bottom of this article it mentions Vit D but you probably need the D3 and not just D. That’s my outlook on the subject, you do what ever you feel works for you. To your good health. A friend just sent me this e-mail below. Just last week, I think it was, I was wearing one of my flu shot buttons–the one saying, “Flu Shots Are Insane!” –Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon A clerk in a business I went to that day told me this info about the CDC saying the flu shot this year isn’t effective. I’d not heard that. She, and another young clerk at a different business, both told me that they liked my button. Of course, I ended up sharing a bunch of my info with them! Today we were out and about and an older, retired gentleman asked me about my button. He said that 15 years ago, he got a flu shot and ended up with Bell’s Palsy and has never had another shot. Is afraid to. Yesterday, another older guy asked me about my button. He said that he never gets flu shots but that his wife does. About a year ago, an awfully nice local businessman, 70-ish, died after getting the flu shot. We were told that his son, a physician, had advised him not to get the shot. However, he did, anyway–and died. Years ago, a physician’s daughter told me that her dad didn’t think flu shots did any good….. Anyway, thank you very much, Christy, for this CDC e-mail. On the positive side (at least for some of those involved) the flu shots make a lot of money for somebody even if they don’t work against the flu. Violet PS I have no idea why some of the letters are popping up in large type and others aren’t. Sorry about that. Flu shot doesn’t work! *CDC FINALLY admits to flu-shot failure* The CDC has just issued one of its most startling confessions ever: The flu shot DOESN’T WORK. The agency says this year’s dominant strain has mutated to evade the vaccine they’ve been pushing on everyone all season long. More than half the viruses tested by the CDC are strains NOT covered by the shot. Many of them are a version of the H3N2 strain, which has proven to be deadlier than most in the past. That’s right, the vaccine is LESS effective, and the flu is MORE deadly. If you’re tempted to call that the most incompetent and ineffective approach to public health ever, I’ve got news for you. The CDC isn’t done yet. They’ve cooked up two pieces of advice, and one’s worse than the other. First, they’re urging all Americans to get flu shots anyway. Yes, it doesn’t work… but go ahead and roll up your sleeve. And second, they’re urging Americans to make sure they rush out and get Tamiflu the moment they get sick. You read that right. Tamiflu — the very drug that’s repeatedly proven to do zip against flu. It’s so futile that a major analysis of 46 studies finds that, at best, Tamiflu will cut a 7-day battle with the flu down to 6.3 days . And that’s assuming you can even trust those studies — because Roche, the maker of Tamiflu, has been caught red-handed hiding data on this drug . For all we know, the real numbers might be even worse. So we have a vaccine that won’t prevent the disease, and a drug proven not to cure it — and the CDC is urging you to take both. Whatever happened to evidence-based medicine? Fact is, even when the flu shot’s a perfect match, it’s about as helpful as sign language over the phone. As I’ve showed you before, using the government’s own numbers, the absolute protection rate for the flu shot is roughly 1.68 percent , give or take. So forget the CDC’s two pieces of advice and take mine instead — because my common-sense tips work against every strain, every year. First, boost your intake of vitamin D, proven to be 800 percent more effective than the flu shot. And second, make sure you’re getting the right amount of the mineral selenium , as my research director Jack Harrison recently revealed. Categories: Document Types . ← Previous Post: Magnesium can prevent metabolic syndrome


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