Horror: ISIS kidnapping children!

Published Date Author: , December 24th, 2014

Why isn’t the news media reporting more on ISIS atrocities? Click here to help Iraqi believers. From the Desk of: Mat Staver Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action December 23, 2014 I have received a disturbing and terrifying update from RUN Ministries president Eric Watt about yet another ISIS atrocity in northern Iraq. The barbaric terror group continues to target the most vulnerable refugees in the areas around “Community of Hope” camps. RUN volunteers need our help to protect thousands of persecuted Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities. Please read my urgent message below, or click here to take immediate action — Mat. Dear Tim, ISIS terrorists have not stopped kidnapping, raping, and selling children in northern Iraq! RUN Ministries president Eric Watt also informed me yesterday that the evil terror group recently published a document trying to justify and explain that their kidnapping, rape, and selling of children is *permitted* in their religion. Eric is asking Liberty Counsel Action friends to help RUN Ministries put an end to this horror. He shared this disturbing report from a key leader in northern Iraq: /Last night, we heard that ISIS terrorists were trying to attack and steal the children we are trying to protect. We have friendly people in the surrounding areas who warn us of these problems, but the ISIS people are well armed. We cannot protect people who are not in our camps. It seems that, last night, ISIS was able to capture several children, and we do not know where they have taken them. We are praying with you that God will provide another camp soon, so that we can protect these children./ Tens of thousands of persecuted Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities are currently under RUN Ministries’ care and protection. Their “Community of Hope” refugee camps are overflowing because RUN refuses to turn anyone away who needs help. As a result, thousands of ISIS survivors are sleeping in open fields waiting to enter the safety of a “Community of Hope”! *Click here or on the icon below to support RUN Ministries’ efforts to build and equip their seventh “Community of Hope” refugee camp* *:* *Donate to RUN Ministries * With limited resources, RUN Ministries is doing everything possible to provide a place of protection and safety for ISIS survivors in and around the refugee camps. But Eric says his volunteers hear reports nearly every day of innocent children being abused and sold. RUN teams are doing their best to rescue these most vulnerable refugees. “We have organized our camps with volunteer leaders to help maintain order, cleanliness, and to also alert us of any danger,” reports a RUN leader in northern Iraq. “At the last meeting of volunteer leaders, the refugees told our people, ‘Please defend us from the evil of ISIS terrorists. Do not let them come into our camps to kill our sons, rape our wives, and steal our daughters.’” RUN leaders assured the refugees that they’re doing their best. They also prayed for Eric and asked for Liberty Counsel Action’s help. Thousands of ISIS survivors desperately need another camp so they can be safe and secure. Will you please help RUN raise $250,000 dollars to build and equip another “Community of Hope” refugee camp for approximately 1,000 men, women, and children? *Click here or on the icon below to make a tax-deductible “Christmas gift” or year-end donation that will help RUN Ministries build and equip their seventh “Community of Hope” refugee camp* *:* *Donate to RUN Ministries * These refugees have lost everything, even loved ones, to ISIS evil. They are totally dependent on RUN for food, clean water, medicine, shelter, and protection; that includes tents, blankets, and warm clothes. Now that winter is here, ISIS survivors need your financial and prayer support more than ever. Even if you’ve donated to RUN before, these persecuted Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities need your help more than ever. *Click here to give now .* Thank you for your prayers and support on behalf of RUN Ministries. God bless you! Mat P.S. ISIS is kidnapping and selling children in northern Iraq. RUN Ministries can protect them, but not without additional resources. Please help build RUN’s seventh “Community of Hope” refugee camp by making your tax-deductible “Christmas gift” or year-end donation now. Click here or on the image below to support their ongoing rescue and relief efforts, as well as other vital outreaches : Click here to help Iraqi believers. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Note: Please do not reply directly to this email. This address is not designed to receive your personal messages. 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