Burma Shave

Published Date Author: , December 24th, 2014

*For those who never saw any of the Burma Shave signs, * *Here is a quick lesson in our history of the 1930′s and ’40′s. * *Before there were interstates, when everyone drove the old 2 lane roads, * *Burma Shave signs would be posted all over the countryside in farmers’ fields. * *They were small red signs with white letters. * *Five signs, about 100 feet apart, each contain 1 line of a 4 line couplet….. * *And the obligatory 5th sign advertising Burma Shave, a popular shaving cream.* *DON’T STICK YOUR ELBOW * *OUT SO FAR* *IT MAY GO HOME* *IN ANOTHER CAR.* *Burma Shave* *TRAINS DON’T WANDER ALL OVER THE MAP ‘CAUSE NOBODY SITS IN THE ENGINEER’S LAP* *Burma Shave * *SHE KISSED THE HAIRBRUSH BY MISTAKE SHE THOUGHT IT WAS HER HUSBAND JAKE Burma Shave* *DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD TO GAIN A MINUTE YOU NEED YOUR HEAD YOUR BRAINS ARE IN IT* *Burma Shave * *DROVE TOO LONG DRIVER SNOOZING WHAT HAPPENED NEXT IS NOT AMUSING Burma Shave* *BROTHER SPEEDER LET’S REHEARSE ALL TOGETHER /GOOD MORNING, NURSE/ Burma Shave* *CAUTIOUS RIDER TO HER RECKLESS DEAR LET’S HAVE LESS BULL AND A LITTLE MORE STEER Burma Shave* *SPEED WAS HIGH WEATHER WAS NOT TIRES WERE THIN X MARKS THE SPOT Burma Shave* *THE MIDNIGHT RIDE* *OF PAUL FOR BEER* *LED TO A WARMER* *HEMISPHERE* *Burma Shave* *AROUND THE CURVE LICKETY-SPLIT BEAUTIFUL CAR WASN’T IT? Burma Shave* *NO MATTER THE PRICE* *NO MATTER HOW NEW* *THE BEST SAFETY DEVICE* *IN THE CAR IS YOU * *Burma Shave* *A GUY WHO DRIVES A CAR WIDE OPEN IS NOT THINKIN’ HE’S JUST HOPIN’ Burma Shave* *AT INTERSECTIONS* *LOOK EACH WAY* *A HARP SOUNDS NICE* *BUT IT’S HARD TO PLAY * *Burma Shave* *BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL EYES ON THE ROAD THAT’S THE SKILLFUL DRIVER’S CODE Burma Shave* *THE ONE WHO DRIVES WHEN HE’S BEEN DRINKING DEPENDS ON YOU TO DO HIS THINKING* *Burma Shave * *CAR IN DITCH DRIVER IN TREE THE MOON WAS FULL AND SO WAS HE. Burma Shave* *PASSING SCHOOL ZONE* *TAKE IT SLOW* *LET OUR LITTLE* *SHAVERS GROW * *Burma Shave* *HE SAW THE TRAIN AND TRIED TO DUCK IT HE KICKED THE GAS AND THEN THE BUCKET!!* *Burma Shave* *A MAN A MISS,* *A CAR A CURVE,* *HE KISSED THE MISS,* *AND MISSED THE CURVE, * *BURMA SHAVE* *Do these bring back any old memories ? If not, you’re merely young!!! If they do – then you’re old as dirt. LIKE ME!* *Have a great day!*


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