It was 38 degrees last night in northern Iraq

Published Date Author: , November 7th, 2014

Something that came across my desk… Click here to help Iraqi believers. From the Desk of: Mat Staver Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action November 6, 2014 The refugees under RUN Ministries’ care and protection survived the horrors of ISIS terror. But now, they need our help to survive winter in the mountains of northern Iraq. My urgent update below includes a five-day weather forecast for the region. Please keep reading to find out what these ISIS victims are up against. Or click here to take immediate action on their behalf — Mat. Tim, Temperatures in the mountains of northern Iraq were expected to drop to 38 degrees last night. Yesterday, I had my staff check the five-day forecast for the region, and nighttime highs are only expected to reach the low 40s for the rest of the week. Click here to help Iraqi refugees survive the coming winter. Most people probably don’t realize that it gets that cold in Iraq. But as winter approaches, nights are going to get even colder. Living in a tent or an open field at RUN Ministries’ “Community of Hope” refugee camps this winter is going to be a very difficult experience. That’s why, as temperatures are falling, RUN Ministries volunteers are rushing to get warm, winter bedding to the thousands of Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities who have lost everything to ISIS terrorists. Please click here or on the icon below to help refugees in northern Iraq survive the coming winter : *Donate to RUN Ministries * RUN Ministries has rescued, renewed, and restored thousands of ISIS victims. With your help, Eric Watt and his teams of volunteers have provided food, clean water, medicine, shelter and protection. But as winter approaches, these displaced men, women and children face new threats: hypothermia and frostbite. For just $40, RUN can purchase and ship a mattress, pillow, sheets, and heavy-duty blanket to help an Iraqi refugee survive the coming “mountain” winter. As I’ve told you many times, this is difficult and dangerous work. Will you help RUN Ministries continue saving lives in northern Iraq? *Please click here or on the icon below to support RUN Ministries efforts to provide warm, winter bedding for refugees in their “Community of Hope” camps and safe homes :* Click here to donate now! You may have given to RUN Ministries previously. But with no end to the extreme humanitarian crisis in sight, more than 26,000 Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities still need your help. Please click here to make your tax-deductible gift now . /More than 26,000 refugees, who have survived ISIS terror, now need your help to survive a cold, harsh “mountain” winter. –Eric Watt/ Thank you for your continued prayers and generous support on behalf of RUN Ministries. God bless you! Mat P.S. Nighttime temperatures in the mountains of Iraq will hover around 40 degrees this week. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help provide warm, winter bedding for ISIS victims. Click here or on the image below to donate $40 (or more) to RUN Ministries’ ongoing rescue and relief efforts in northern Iraq, as well as other vital outreaches : Click here to help Iraqi believers. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Note: Please do not reply directly to this email. This address is not designed to receive your personal messages. To contact Liberty Counsel Action with comments, questions or to change your status, see the link below. + + + + + + + + + + + + Comments? Questions? Liberty Counsel Action is a 501(c)(4) organization. Gifts are not tax deductible. For full notice, including notices for individual states, go here : Click here to be removed from this list or send a written request to: Liberty Action PO 277 Maxwell,IA 50161


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