ya’ gotta love TEXAS

Published Date Author: , August 27th, 2014

This would be a simple solution to enforcing the requirement for having car insurance. The rest of the country should follow suit. *You Gotta Love **Texas* ****The City of Dallas , Texas passed an ordinance* *stating that _if a driver is pulled over by law enforcement_* *_and is not able to provide proof of Insurance_**, * *the car is towed.* *To retrieve the car after being impounded,* *_they must show_* *_proof of insurance to have the car released._* *This has made* *it easy for the City of Dallas to remove uninsured cars.* *Shortly after the “No Insurance” ordinance was passed,* *the Dallas impound lots began to fill up and were* *full after only nine days.* *Over 80%of the impounded cars* *_were driven by illegals_**.* *Now, not only must they provide proof of insurance to* *have their car released, _they have to pay for the cost of the tow_, _a *$350 fine_, and _*$20 for every day their car is kept in the lot._* *Guess what?* *_Accident rates have gone down *47% _**and Dallas’ solution gets uninsured drivers off the road *WITHOUT* _ making them show proof of nationality._* *I Wonder how * *Holder’s US Justice Department* *will get around this one*.


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