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Published Date Author: , May 12th, 2014

Today, the geko himself, Tim Benedict, announced the publication of his book “Exploring the Innocence of God,” on Amazon. This culminates several years of work to get the manuscript to this point. In today’s modern world, we sometimes struggle to make sense of things, and that includes understanding God and why He does some of the things He does. Why does He allow evil to exist? Why is He hard to find sometimes? Who is He? Why does Hell exist? Why does the family exist, and why is it under such attack? Why did He give us so many rules to follow? How can we truly know and understand Him? Better yet, how can we approach Him, and even accept Him as FRIEND, LORD, KING, and yet still our SAVIOR? What is the key? One of the all too often overlooked keys to understanding the personality of God is found in HIS simple Innocence, something that more deeply explains His love, His purity, His holiness, His mercy, His justice, His character, and so many other things about Him. Once we get a handle on truly understanding HIS innocence, we can begin to understand the deeper questions of why He does some of the things He does, and in the process get to know Him more deeply, and more deeply appreciate His character and who He is. But be forewarned. You will find yourself making changes to your life, hobbies, thoughts, and actions, as you begin to understand the simple innocent holiness of God. Check it out today!


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