Gas Mileage Improvement Ebook Updated Yet Again, With Some Very Impressive Ideas

Published Date Author: , May 30th, 2014

Inventor, mechanic, and author Tim Benedict is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of his popular ebook detailing all of the different ways that people are getting better gas mileage in their vehicles.

For a book that was first released over 7 years ago with only 26 basic different ways to get better gas mileage, the latest version has expanded on that a fair bit, and now discusses, some of them in a lot of detail, over 170 different methods that people are using to improve the mileage in all of the combustion based vehicles they own. Whether it’s just simple engine mods, driving style tips, fuel adjustments, exhaust line tweaks, air mods, or exterior aerodynamic improvements, he writes about every single angle of making a vehicle run, and then explores different ways to improve on them. And the results are very impressive, with some vehicles apparently even doubling their original factory mileage, while also improving their overall engine horsepower AND likewise lowering their exhaust emissions.

So whether you’re looking for tips, tricks, tweaks, mods, or aftermarket technologies, Tim has tried to compile every single one that he could find that worked, personally researched a bunch of them, and then finally wrote them all down in a neat little (now big) ebook download that almost anyone can read and understand. So go on over and get your copy today at .


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