Published Date Author: , February 27th, 2014

A friend of mine sent me this about his grandson. God is alive and well. -tim Did we tell you that Jonathon went winter camping up there and got chased by a small pack (4) wolves. He made it into the passenger side of the car just in time. Think he ran pretty fast. He did not have a gun with him. The miracle of the whole thin is that once he got to the car, he passed out. probably the over exertion of running up hill with a 40 pound pack on his back. in minus 6 degree weather.. anyway, somewhere in the process he hit his head on the gear shift. He came to about an hour later. Now he has one of those fancy new cars that won’t start unless there is someone sitting in the driver’s seat with their foot on the brake. Now he should have frozen to death, being on the passengers side, unconscious and minus 6 degree weather but instead he woke up to the car running and he was all toasty warm. And still sitting on the passenger side. That kid has gone through so many guardian angels. That’s our miracle for the month.


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