Another Testimony to the Saving Power of the Lord

Published Date Author: , April 15th, 2013

Pam, Thank you for sharing. It is similar to my story where I and two buddies were sweep (swept) out to sea when a freak storm blew up without warning, which created rip tides. I tried to swim back to shore but to no avail. My arms became like lead and I was exhausted to say the least. The waves were a least 8 feet high and as I was being pulled to the bottom of the trough, I knew that I could not make it on my own. My two friends could not help me; they were no where to be seen; I wasn’t even sure if they were alive. It was as if I was the only person in that ocean. The wind and the waves created a deafening sound(s) and all I seen (saw) was dark grey water. I knew that only God could save me. I lifted my right arm up and shouted, “God help me! I don’t want to die this way.” As those words were spoken my fear of death vanished and I was prepared to give my soul to God. At that moment I heard a voice within me, outside of me and through me; a voice that was familiar, yet one I never heard before, a voice that brought peace to my heart. I knew it was God’s voice because there were no longer the sounds of the wind or waves, just His voice in that silence. God told me to just breast stroke with the next top wave. When I looked up, the wall of water, that was falling upon me, was over 16 feet high, because I was down in the lowest part of the trough, and for a shimmering of a second I thought how will I ever get to the next wave? Then I recalled what Jesus had said to Peter, when he tried to walk on water to Jesus, having the faith of a mustard seed. All doubt left me and in that same instant I felt the hands of God on the bottom of my feet lifting me up, and as the top of the wave curled, I could see light and I was propelled through that wave and light, I began to swim as instructed. Suddenly I could see land again in the far distance, and my thoughts went to my buddies; I shout(ed) above the wind and surge of the ocean for them to breast stroke with the top wave. Then in a few seconds they were on either side of me and we were washed to shore. They kissed the beach while I said thank you God. Then they both told me they had lost sight of me and they had thought that I had drowned. Each said they wondered who would be next. When I suddenly reappeared then they heard my instructions as clear as if I were next to them. Then I told them about God speaking to me and they both said, I believe you because (you) disappeared beneath the water for a long time. Am I perfect after this experience? No, but I do know that God exists and He will welcome me back home. I am no longer afraid to die. Pam if you wish to share my story feel free because the story really belongs to God. Doug


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