Published Date Author: , January 14th, 2013

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Boy, we will have to really start saving money like mad now to pay all these new taxes that will be required to pay for this! If these people worked for Donald Trump they’s all just be fired! Why can’t (someone?) just fire them? If there were no more of these deluxe and very special services then there would be no more additional (TAXES) for the unneccessary and additional expense/s, right?

Wow!!! Record unemployment rates and this is how they are spending your money!?!?!?! Also love how Snopes lists it as true, but then spends the last paragraph making up for the White House and trying to muddy the waters on this absurd misuse of our money. And the Media reported how much of this? Did anyone see this in print either?

HMMM…17% to 86% RAISES IN SALARY FOR OBAMAS WHITE HOUSE STAFF MEMBERS!! EVERYBODY ELSE should tighten their belts and “pay their fair share” so this guy can buy loyalty with public money.

http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/whraises.asp By the way, WHAT in the HECK is a Director of African-American Media???????


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