Published Date Author: , November 5th, 2012

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Boise Idaho is on their list.

UN List: US Election Observation Points 10/26/12 Here are the duty stations where the UN will observe US elections — via the document (OSCE/ODIHR Limited Election Observation Mission to the United States of America):

a.. Olympia, WA b.. Sacramento, CA c.. Tallahassee, FL d.. Frankfort, KY e.. Topeka, KS f.. Pierre, SD g.. Atlanta, GA h.. Springfield, IL i.. Saint Paul, MN j.. Salt Lake City, UT k.. Santa Fe, NM l.. Juneau, AK m.. Nashville, TN n.. Denver, CO o.. Bismarck, ND p.. Montgomery, AL q.. Madison, WI r.. Des Moines, IA s.. Carson City, NV t.. Phoenix, AZ u.. Charleston, WV v.. Austin, TX w.. Albany, NY x.. Boston, MA y.. Raleigh, NC z.. Indianapolis, IN aa.. Baton Rouge, LA ab.. Salem, OR ac.. Oklahoma City, OK ad.. Annapolis, MD ae.. Trenton, NJ af.. Columbus, OH ag.. Austin, TX ah.. Albany, NY ai.. Concord, NH aj.. Columbia, SC ak.. Lansing, MI al.. Jackson, MS am.. Boise, ID an.. Jefferson City, MO ao.. Richmond, VA ap.. Harrisburg, PA

Read more at http://www.reagancoalition.com/articles/2012/20121026006-un-list-observation.html#K1p1AXRjaIFOs98w.99

Gary Paschall · Free Lance at Sculptor People need to open their eye’s and ear’s The U.N is here” I was in Homeland Security here in Texas for 10yrs got out in 2009, we were told back then about the holding camps for Americans, Obama just recently signed into law that the Government can use our military against us and arrest you for any reason without bond or telling your family why’ not even a phone call’ no bail either, and our commanders also said that we the military would not go against the Constitution or the people if everything went wrong’ they told us that if the military refused orders for this that the Government would use the U.N. military to kick doors and take weapons’ now look at this Hillery and Obama has just recently signed on to the U.N. world wide gun ban. WAKE UP and Load up’ get ready guy’s and gal’s they are here’ Please dont give in to these people, stand your ground under our Constitution. also put away some dry goods food & water for at least a month’ sound crazy ? well’ you notice the add’s now and then on T.V. telling us to prepaire for a disaster’ well this is it. Reply · 72 · Like · 9 hours ago

Robert H Wray · Top Commenter Good News, Boss; Hillary did NOT sign the weapons treaty. Don’t ask me why or what it was that kept her from doing it; All I know is that i’m extremely grateful that she didn’t. As far as these U.N. Observers, they have no business here. They’re better off looking after the elections in Africa, East Europe, Asia, et cetera; NOT IN MY COUNTRY. I DO hope the Texas AG stands good at his word that he WILL arrest them, we are a Sovereign Nation and they have NO BUSINESS “invading”. As for U.N. Troops, I, for one, WILL NOT recognize their authority to any degree. My ancestor’s signature is on the Declaration of Independence, as well as on the Texas Consitution, twice over……I won’t ever stand for foreign nationals coming into MY COUNTRY and telling US how to run things. NEVER.


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