Teachable Moments (The box on your back) Kent McClain

Published Date Author: , November 19th, 2012

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Teachable Moments/ Kent McClain

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Kent McClain

Happy thanksgiving, and may God richly bless you time as you thank Him for all that He has done for you this year. Whether difficult or not, it was all to help you grow in your faith.


Kent and Myrna McClain

The Box on Your Back?

“And not only this, but we also  exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and  perseverance,  proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

Romans 5: 3-5

Steel is a combination of iron plus fire. Soil is rock, plus heat, or the result of a glacier crushing all in its path. Linen is flax plus the bath that cleans, the comb that separates, the flail that pounds, and the shuttle that weaves. Human character must also have its pluses attached to it, if is to be considered good. But in the making of good character, it is not made of luxuries, but rather the suffering that comes from the heating, crushing, cleaning, combing, pounding, and weaving of difficult circumstances.

There was a Teachable Moment story of a mother once; who brought into her home a troubled companion for her very young son to play with. The companion was a crippled boy who was a hunch-back. She warned her son to be very careful while playing with him, not to touch upon this very sensitive part of his life, but to treat him like all of his other friends. The mother then listened to her son as they played together; and after a few minutes he said to his companion: “Do you know what you have on your back?” The little hunch-backed companion was immediately embarrassed and hesitated for a moment. The boy then said, “It is the box in which your wings are; and someday God is going to cut it open, then you will fly away and be an angel.”1 The little companion was quite enlivened by what the boy said, and played on with a new sense of confidence and joy with him.

In a comparative way, if you have suffered in this life for one reason or another, whether it be through a fiery set of circumstances, crushing blows brought on by others, or a simple pounding of life itself, then hold onto God. For holding on is the first part in building great character, the kind God wants all believers to have. And one day, as the little boy saw with his companion, the box on your back will be opened, and your troubles will be flown away. And like the little companion you will gain a new confidence and joy you’ve never had before. Plan on it, this is yet another one of God’s purposes and plans for you as you live out your life here on earth.


1. Taken and revised from Streams in the Desert December 2nd


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