Obama strikes again….

Published Date Author: , November 10th, 2012

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A video of a Nov. 1 attack in which black-clad Syrian rebels reportedly killed 28 men was misreported as the execution of Syrian soldiers, says the head of a Christian group providing aid in the war-torn country.

He should know — two of those gunned down worked with him and there’s good reason to believe the others were Christians as well, targeted for death by the very people the Obama administration is funneling weapons to.

http://email.wnd.com/HS?a=ENX7Cqk9ZerK8SA9MKJVdOPnGHxKLqNB5_cStGb5lw8W0bBhOG5mpqVsje_Hhe-ud1Kv ________________________________ Tim Benedict (http://www.timbenedict.com), the Funky Geko (http://www.funkygeko.com)


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