Published Date Author: , October 29th, 2012

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The following is a note sent to me by a friend of a friend of my family’s who lives with his wife in Iowa. Doug served our country for many years before retiring from the military and came home to pursue a career as a physician’s assistant. He has continued to keep close ties to our military and his last “mission” abroad was this past summer in Tanzania in West Africa. He is a born-again christian and quite vocal re: the events in Benghazi. I am sending this to only a few of you. This letter has made me wonder how our armed services members at home and abroad feel about this events, if they feel as strongly as Doug does, and how they will be voting. Here it is:

Here is the most recent news about the 9/11 Libya attack: three times the CIA requested help and were denied three times. Four of the CIA Rapid Response members even though they were told to stand down decided on their own to go to the US Embassy to render aid. Two of the former SEALs were killed after a 4-hour fire fight and yet our government did nothing. Instead they decided to blame the attack on some movie that no one has ever seen and had the film maker arrested. Then they apologized to the Muslims for the movie. By the way, the film maker is scheduled to be released 3 days post election. Does that tell you something?

When the bodies were returned to the US in their flag draped coffins, Hillary Clinton told the father (Mr. Woods) that the film maker who caused all this would be arrested and punished. The father who must be a good Christian has come out and told what had happened and he has forgiven those gutless wonders for letting his son die along with three others.

What could the US do? Their policy is NOT to send troops into harms way until they have more information. The fire fight lasted 7 hours and they had real time intelligence and they could have sent several C130 gun ships to the area within an hour. What is a C130 gun ship you may wonder? Back in my day they were known as Puff the Magic Dragon or simply Puff. On one pass each gun ship’s gatling guns can put a bullet into every square inch in an area the size of a football field. Those on the receiving end can’t even lay prone without getting hit. Yet the communist we have in office along with his Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State did nothing! I am pissed off as should every US citizen who love their country. I will take Wood’s father’s lead and forgive them for their cowardness and depravity but that does not mean I will vote them back into office! I feel if anyone votes for this current administration votes with the blood of four Americans’ on their hands.



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