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5-31-12 Dear friends and family,

No, no near death experiences to report this time, just another near house fire (yes, really), life, drama, a miracle (or three), and Gods part in all of it, along with an opportunity for you to participate in a couple of somethings with us.

1. Work, drama, fire, all the normal. 2. Ruthie and Hannahs mission trip 3. Ministry and Partnership. 4. Musings.

1. Work and home.

Karen recently accepted fulltime employment with Project Patch, the Christian Youth Ranch for at risk youth where she and I have both been working part time since about November, 2011. She is enjoying getting to know some of the youth on a deeper basis, and being able to speak into their lives on a personal level. She cut back some of her library hours to do this, but the work is rewarding in its own right.

I am also continuing to work there at Project Patch, albeit on a part time, on call basis only. I also enjoy working there, but it does take a lot of energy out of us (12.5 hour shifts). I had so many days last month I was almost full-time myself, but this month has been less, and June is scheduled for even fewer days due to my being on fire call for an early fire season.

Along with Karens job offer came an offer for housing onsite at Project Patch, so we have been busy moving her and the girls this month, and the process is almost complete. We are still working on closing the deal for Anderson Creek area property where I will be living and building our family home, but for the moment, the Patch housing is a good option for them, as it keeps Karen close to work, and the girls nearby as well (I am renting a room from friends on Anderson Creek).

The new Garden Valley Community Radio Station where I am on the board is slowly making progress. We finally worked out a bunch of technical issues with our local Internet provider, and we are planning to start recording and airing shows very soon. We are also looking forward to airing the local church services on Sundays, both online and via broadcast fm radio, and soon, even putting together my own off-grid show on Thursdays about living off the grid and being self-sustaining. I am REALLY looking forward to that.

Garden Valley School District also just wrapped up another year, and it has been a good one. I am thankful for the positive changes in the school this year, and am grateful for our new superintendent. I have enjoyed being on the school board here. There has been a real sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to recognize some of the positive changes the new board has been able to facilitate.

I have also continued to do some sideline web development work.

We have also committed to buying property here finally, to start building a family home this summer. Now we are just waiting on paperwork for closing the deal.

And as previously mentioned, the fire season is off to an early start this year, but I have not gone out yet because of prior Project Patch commitments, even though I have already been called twice. It looks like things could get interesting on the fire front this year.

As for house fires, two days after Karen moved into Patch staff housing and starting to get settled, the hot water heater stopped working. We discovered that a shorted out element in the heater had led to overheated/BURNED aluminum wiring in the top of the hot water heater (pre 1978 modular home). It is prolly a miracle that one of us was not electrocuted when we (me and the Patch maintenance man) went to figure out what was going on (or when someone turned on the water in the house or shower or etc.). It is also prolly miraculous that the burning did not travel to the paper backing of the insulation stuffed all right around the heater, because the hot water heater breaker in the breaker box did NOT pop like it was supposed to when the shorting/overheating/burning started. Aluminum wiring in all new construction was outlawed in 1978 for a reason! Scary.

But God is a big God, and as usual, protected us.

We are also looking at ways we can get this aluminum wiring replaced asap. Most of it has already been replaced, but there are still three aluminum circuits that need to be addressed.

2. Ruthie and Hannahs fast approaching summer missions trip to Panama..

Ruthie and Hannah are signed up to go on a three-week missions trip for teenagers to go to Panama in July with Never-The-Same and Big-World-Ventures ( ). Both of them are getting pretty excited about going, but as of this point, they still only have about half of their funds raised. Out of about $6,000 needed for the two of them, they still have close to $3,000 left to raise. Karen and I already bought their non-refundable plane tickets from Boise to Miami, so this is kinda do-or-die at this point. They have done bake sales, church speaking, newsletters, etc, but their deadline to have the remaining $3000+ raised is June 15th.

I am pretty proud of my girls. They are already touching their world in a truly positive way, and they are only in high school!

Among other things, they have put together multiple music videos of some of their favorite songs, and released them on Youtube. One in particular, of a song by Skillet about the death of a child (abortion), has received almost 40,000 views already, and some of the comments they have received have let them know that God is using them to touch peoples hearts. It is pretty amazing to me really. ( ).

So if you want to support them, and be a part of supporting something bigger than life, go to or, if you would rather, send something straight to:

BIG WORLD VENTURES P.O. Box 703203 Tulsa, OK 74170 Attention: Ruthie and Hannah Gilmore’s Account

Consider it an investment with eternal dividends.

3. Ministry..

Monthly xbox nights with local teenage men-in-training continue to be fun. Last time, after gaming for several hours, we talked about Psalms 1, and the advice it has for being stable in todays world. And we boiled it down to this: Choose your friends wisely, and put deep roots into Gods rules to live by. Both things bring strength and stability to life.

Karen also continues to serve as the local childrens librarian, and that puts her in touch with lots of people in the community, some of them needing a breath of God in their lives, some of them needing an advocate, and some of them just simply needing someone to talk to. It is neat.

I prayed for someone a couple weeks ago, someone with extensive internal damage to their ankle. It involved multiple ruptured tendons, ligaments, and bone -as diagnosed by an MRI, along with serious swelling, massive pain, and lots of bruised colors. The doc recommended surgery to fix it. But I felt like God had something else in mind. So I sat down with my friend, put my hands on his ankle, and started praying.

Then suddenly, there was all this movement, twitching and whatnot, inside their ankle/foot, about the same time I experienced this unexpected and sudden rush of Gods power through me. I actually had tears running down my face it hit me on such a deep level, the presence of God, as I asked for Him to put my friends foot back together. My friend has been considering a career in mission aviation, and pilots need their feet for rudder control, and I mentioned this to God.

And it honestly felt as though things were being stretched and sewn back into place, inside, right beneath my fingers. It was bizarre, but that is what all the movement felt like, I kid you not. After praying, the person confirmed that it was NOT him making the movement happen in his foot; he had thought rather that I Tim was doing something!

He also mentioned an immediate relief in pain levels, lowered swelling, and some increased mobility in the ankle. Several days later, the doctor took a look at it and canceled the surgery, and now two weeks later, my friend is walking around on his foot and is just doing physical therapy for it. Is God cool or what?

I still help out occasionally with playing the piano at church on Sundays, and I am slowly getting better at it, and not hitting quite so many sour notes as I have done in the past.

Our time at Project Patch continues to be filled with fruit, joy, and sadness as well. But we ARE helping make a difference in lives, one person at a time.

And herein lies another partnership opportunity.

Project Patch is 100% donor supported, and they pay staff paychecks out of monthly donations. For those of you interested in supporting us either again or for the first time, now that we are back in youth ranch work once again, look up Project Patch on the web to see what we are doing. If you like it, and believe in it, please consider donating something to them, and earmark it for general staff paychecks/support. Send to:

Project Patch 2404 E. Mill Plain Blvd, Ste. A Vancouver, WA 98661.

They will appreciate it, and so will we, as the economic downturn has hit them pretty hard. Again, it is something with eternal dividends, and comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you did something personal to help wounded youth get quality emotional, mental, and spiritual help.

4. Musings.. I actually had a couple of thoughts, as far as musings go.

A. The Lowman case is closed finally, but stuff continues to broadside us out of the blue. Just ask God to give us wisdom in dealing with the latest problems, because one in particular is seriously stressing me out, and I do not believe myself to be at fault in the situation.

B. I discovered several weeks ago that someone stole some stuff from us out of storage here in Garden Valley. It just leaves me with this sinking feeling in the pit of my gut. Why? I just scratch my head sometimes.

C. I have been thinking quite a lot about what we talk about on xbox nights with local teenage boys, about what it means to be a true Godly man of strength, stability and character in todays world. And just how can we more deeply impact the current generation of Men-In-Training?

D. I saw someone recently make the decision to follow God with their life. There is nothing quite like that experience, to be a part of a life change like that.

E. I just read a book called The Harbinger, and let me tell you, it details some VERY scary prophetic stuff. It COULD just all be coincidence, but somehow, I would rather not take that chance. NOW is the time for Gods people to humble themselves, repent, and seek His face. The life of our very nation could depend on it. Go to Amazon and get a copy today (I could not put it down once I started.).

F. It has come to my attention that there are people in the public who read our publicly posted newsletters very carefully, actually looking for things with which they can trip us up with. I struggle with not being angry about this. And I try to remember to pray for them. I cannot imagine being so consumed with anger and bitterness that I would stoop to this level. I just do not get it. Sad.

G. We need your prayer covering. There is too much happening to try to knock us down right now, right when we are seeing God moving in so many ways. We just plain and simple need people to be praying for us. Can you do that?

So when is the last time you impacted someone in a positive and/or eternal way (for the good), in spite of people trying to drag you down into the muck with them? Today? Yesterday? Cant remember? Ask God how you can start making a difference with your life, in todays world, today.


Tim, Karen, and the family


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