The Alseth family serving in Bolivia- April 2012

Published Date Author: , April 12th, 2012

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Friends of mine who run an orphanage in Bolivia – the geko

Subject: The Alseth family serving in Bolivia- April 2012

Dearest friends, we miss you. Sometimes it gets lonely here in Latin America. Especially Bolivia. This month just wanted to send some various musings:

1. Kathy had a great visit to the USA. Everyone that went cherished the time immensely. All of you who blessed them with meals and places to stay I give you my heartfelt thanks. It makes me feel warm inside how well they were treated. There were many high points of the trip and one of those is that Victoria received a correct diagnosis at Shriners Hospital in Wash. The Bolivian diagnosis was wrong and we had already ceased using the “twister” that was hurting her knees. Shriners will need to see her again so pray for our adoption process to go through ahead of schedule which would mean this June time frame for all three of the children we have guardianship over instead of the Jan time frame of next year. One side note is Victoria (3 yrs old) did come back noticeably more chubby then when she left. I guess that is what the good ole USA will do for you sometimes !

2. A couple signs I am getting old. Besides the normal aches and pains lasting longer and my vision getting noticeably worse, Moises, a 4 year old boy at the orphanage we volunteer at turns to me and says ” Tio Ricardo, Por que tienes poco cabello?”. Translated he was really curious how come I had such little hair. That didn’t make my day. Not long after that our family was doing a little bowling at the small bowling alley that resides here in Cochabamba. After we completed our game I actually was leaving the building with my silly bowling shoes on….you know those large colorful ones that look like clowns feet. So now I am both losing my mind and my hair !

3. Did you know that Tito my young friend that was burned on 80% of his body is Yuracare. This ethnic group in Bolivia consists of only about 4,000 of which only 2,500 now speak the language. After being released from the hospital he is now taking theology studies at Palabra De Vida. His wife is also planning on attending and she is ethnic Tsimane which is about double the Yura numbers. After attending school they want to return to their village in the Amazon Bolivian Basin and share in their community along with that entire river system the good news of forgiveness of sins and a changed life through Jesus Christ. This really excites me because these could be the some of the last remaining people to hear the good news. He speaks a little Trinatario as well and some of these languages don’t even have a bible yet. We will be looking to help support him in any way we can and perhaps I will go with him at times.

4. Some fellow missionaries here (Sidmore/Holman families) had worked together to build a house for a poor lady and her children that lived in a falling apart shanty with no roof. The outpouring of support came in so strong from their supporters that they have the monies to build approx 8 more just like it. I wish I could show you the pics of all the things here but it just takes up too much memory. Anyway the house they built is of bricks and a tin roof and concrete floor. Nothing fancy in our terms but heavenly to the poor. The cost is about $800-$1,000 for each house in materials. Christian and I are excited about helping build the additional houses.

5. Urgent need for us: We had one year visas, then two year visas, and now we are required to go for our indefinite visas. By May 19th (next month) we will be required to have these. We will be fined 20 Bolivianos each day/ each person for failure to have them. Visas, Carnet (Bolivian ID), and associated processes for Kathy and I will cost $763 each. Shekkinah and Christian since they are under 18 will cost $502 each. We will need to raise $2,530 by May 19th to stay legal in this country and continue our work. This is our most urgent need right now. This is in addition to our normal expenses and support to missions here.

Lastly please pray for our health. Several members of my family have been remaining sickly for longer periods of time here lately. Along with the various contaminates here in the food and water there is also a higher amount of stress living here that affects the immune systems. Pray that God would strengthen our bodies as well as our hearts and our minds to continue accomplishing His good will and pleasure.

With much love, Ricky Alseth and family

The grace, spiritual favor, and blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ the Anointed One be with your spirit, The Alseth Family


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