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Published Date Author: , April 16th, 2012

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Pastor Ed, and friends,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note concerning Guinea Bissau and ask you to put this country on your prayer chain.

On April 13th, there was a coup here. The military removed the prime minister who was also the leading candidate for President in the upcoming election. The military is now in control. They have arrested many government leaders.. it is uncertain if they are still alive. As of this morning, they have closed all of the boarders and the airport is closed. They have installed anti-aircraft guns at the airstrip here in Gabu where we are. We received word this morning that Portugal is sending four ships loaded with soldiers and attack helicopters and jets to Guinea Bissau. They say it is to evacuate the Portuguese living here. (I don’t think so.)) The Angola military is waiting across the boarder just east of here in Guinea Conakry. There appears to be a combined effort to remove the Guinea Bissau military.

Gillie is in Senegal and cannot return as the boarders are closed. Judy Byers and I are both doing fine. So far there is no problem here in Gabu. It is mostly in Bissau. One of the national pastors, Tony Vas, has advised us that we should be ready to leave quickly if it esculates much more. There is a meeting today with African leaders from many other countries with the military here to see if they can come to some agreement.

Thank you for your prayers,



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