African Update, March, 2012

Published Date Author: , March 12th, 2012

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Some friends of mine – the geko

Hi everybody, Forwarding on a note from John and Rachel. Sounds like they are in need of some serious prayer for wisdom, guidance, protection, and intervention from God on their behalf and the ministry and people they are involved with. Please feel free to pass this concern on to whomever you think might be interested in the ministry they are involved in. The good old USA isn’t the only country with political “correctness” issues it seems. Thanks

March 11, 2012 African Update,


Dear Pastor Ed, Family, Friends, and Prayer Partners,

The wonderful weather we have been having has left us for another year. It is beginning to be HOT……both in temperature and in politics.

Apparently we have been a bit too successful. A few years ago we asked for your prayers for the unreached People group, the Padjadinka. Well God has definitely answered your prayers and now there are many converts in this once totally Islamic tribe. This has caught the attention of Muslim leaders in surrounding countries who recently traveled to the region and met for about a week. Apparently their “concerns” are being directed at the Nationals for bringing in the White People into the area. The Nationals involved are concerned especially in light of the slaughtering of Christians taking place in Nigeria right now. Please pray for God’s safety and protection for Tony Vaz, Lopez Coe, Pastor Philipe, and Paulo Diez. .

Also on the political front, elections are coming up both in Senegal and in Guinea Bissau. Senegal has had several riots before their first election but all has been peaceful (so far) in advance of the run off elections scheduled for March 25th. We will be traveling in Senegal on the 19th , receiving a team on the 20th and I return to the States on March 22nd .Please pray for peace in Senegal and safe travels for us and all of our guests.

Guinea Bissau elections are on the 18th of March… just ONE WEEK. There is an opportunity to really make a difference in this country. There are many candidates, lots of corruption, and many attempts to buy votes along with allegations of vote manipulation and bribing of the election oversight committee. People are getting frenetic. 500 Christian women here have been praying and fasting for peace during the election times.

One candidate is Christian (Catholic) and seems to be a favorite among the youth and Christians as well as many others. He was interim President and many feel he did an excellent and ethical job. Enricke’ Rosa’ (my spelling is probably not correct. Surprise, Surprise) Please pray for the outcome of the elections that they would be peaceful and that God’s chosen man would both win and govern wisely.

If you can keep a sense of humor through all of this, there are some really “entertaining” things happening. Recently we had the Budapest to Bamako to Bissau road Rally arrive here with over 150 cars, motor cycles, 4 wheelers and various other vehicles. They came to bring school supplies for the Christian Church School in Sinche Butche , donated a car for the school there along with funds to build a brick school house to replace the current bamboo structure. They were also planning on selling the cars at reasonable prices to the local population. Then the government got involved. No car or money for the school. (wonder where it went) Half of the school supplies were appropriated and the participants were told that they could only sell the cars to the government. There are various rumors as to whether there was ever any payment. However, the Prime Minister’s entourages (he’s also running for President) contain several of the vehicles. We’ve seen them. So sad as I am sure these people will not likely return to Guinea Bissau next year. Oh, The Christian schools are open but the public schools are closed going on three months now as the government is not paying the teachers.

There is a very strong Imam in the Southern part of the country. He runs an Islamic school in the last targeted Jericho village. He reportedly engages in a lot of powerful witchcraft and the local people are very fearful of him. Needless to say, he is not welcoming us Christians into the area. Please pray that God would either convert this Imam or move him out of the way.

As many of you know, I have been making a collection prophesies on Guinea Bissau for the past 10 years. (Yes, it was 10 years ago that we moved here) The latest that I just learned about was given in 1980. There were small fires (like cooking fires or camp fires) scattered sparsely over North and Western Africa (representing small groups of believers) And then suddenly the country just south of Senegal (Guinea Bissau) irrupted into a huge conflagration that rapidly engulfed Western and Northern Africa.

You know you have been in Africa too long when

You can describe the appearance and habits of all three species of ants that share the house with you.

You can tell the time of day by the prayers going on at the Mosque.

Remember to pray for our friends in the North

Your Sister in Christ,


Servants to Missions




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