Mayo Clinic on Aspirin

Published Date Author: , February 5th, 2012

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A pharmacy sales guy giving a talk to some doctors at a hospital in central Washington (Yakima or Moses Lake area I think) a few years ago stated that aspirin under the tongue (tissue under the tongue absorbs things into your system rather quickly) was as good as a $5000.00 shot put directly into the heart when heart attack victims are brought into emergency but cautioned the doctors to “not let that get around” as it would affect the sell of the high dollar shots. A friend of ours boss was on the hospital board of directors at the time and sat in on the presentation is how we heard of that comment. The shot no doubt is more costly now than it was at that time. The aspirin isn’t a substitute for proper medical care but seems a real, real good start before you get to the hospital. This information will no doubt save a few lives.


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