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Published Date Author: , October 17th, 2011

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A note from the geko…

A lot of people know that I have my fingers in lots of pies, one of them being research on as many different ways as possible for people to get better gas mileage in their cars and trucks, both diesel and gasoline, and ultimately, to not need fossil fuel at all in their vehicles anymore.

And I finally reached a milestone a couple weeks ago, when I discovered how to double my mileage, using a combination of several of the technologies that I had been exploring. I’ve been after that goal for several years now, and I finally had my breakthrough. Yeah!!! And I wanted to share it. People need to know that they don’t have to be slaves to the gas pump forever…

So what was it?

Well, I already detailed and documented a lot of ways to improve gas mileage in any vehicle over at In that book, I talk about things anyone at home can do, and about changing driver habits. I also talk about some things your mechanic can do for you. And then I finally mention a few things that people with really deep pockets can do with cutting edge technology.

But my first goal has always been to put together a collection of backyard mechanic ways for almost anyone to get better gas mileage, a collection that could reach that magic “Double” mark without breaking people’s wallets. And I think I’ve finally been able to do it.

You see, I have already taken a couple of my own vehicles and made them get 50% better gas mileage, making it happen on VERY limited budgets (among other things, just to prove that I could do it). And then I stumbled across this crazy new lubricant that came out of research that a number of people, including myself, had actually played with clear back in the mid 90′s. And although I did not make any breakthroughs with it myself, someone else finally did, in a big way. So I already know and understand the science behind this new engine lubricant, and can assure you that this lubricant is pretty cool stuff. It’s the puzzle piece I had been waiting for to take my gas mileage improvement research to the next level.

And here’s the kicker. Using nothing but this new engine lubricant additive, without ANY other vehicle or engine modifications, a driver can easily boost his gas mileage 30% (or more), after just ONE treatment with this stuff. And when I say treatment, I mean EVERY moving metal part in the whole entire vehicle gets treated. Both the engine and the transmission get treated. The water pump, power steering pump, alternator, and AC compressor all get treated as well. Then the fuel line, pump, and fuel injectors get treated. And don’t forget about the wheel bearings, u-joints, and driveline linkages; they get treated too. And the end result of all of this treatment is at least 30% better gas mileage in the average vehicle.

And that was the next key I was looking for in my research.

If I can get 50~75% better gas mileage using just the basic package of engine tweaks and products that I have kinda settled on, by adding this lubricant treatment to the package, I could finally double the mileage. For reals…

Long story short?

For around $1700 dollars, I can now pretty much guarantee DOUBLE gas mileage in almost ANY rig that gets the full improvement package that now includes this exotic lubricant. Is that amazing, or what? I’ll talk in another email about what this means for our economy, our future, and your personal finances and wallets.

So as soon as you are ready start saving gas/money/time, go visit my online store at to check out some of my deals, and pick up something to stretch your gas dollar further while also breathing new life into your own road beast (a copy of the book that I mentioned before also comes free with every order).

PS. With some companies, better gas mileage sometimes also means gutless performance. Not me. I like powerful engines. And I get better gas mileage because I make our engines RUN better – which means they also produce more power and higher horsepower when needed.

Likewise, beware of cheap imitation lubricants and knockoffs of this new lubricant technology that we’re talking about. They ARE out there, and they either do nothing, or some of them actually hurt your engine. We sell only the original real stuff, in part because I have already done the research for it myself as well. We trust it, so that you can too. We want our readers to save money, get out of debt, and make a positive difference in their world. Helping them double their gas mileage empowers them, gives them more spending money, AND helps gives them some small measure of a peace of mind about their own financial future. It’s all good…

sincerely, the geko.

Author Tim Benedict, aka “the geko”, is a certified mechanic among other things, with lots of years experience working on cars, trucks, and buses, while studying lots of gas mileage improvement technologies. Find him today at


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