Published Date Author: , July 20th, 2011

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Here Comes Polygamy Now!

As I noted yesterday Archbishop Timothy Dolan recently warned that New York’s “latest dilution of the authentic understanding of marriage” would inevitably lead to “another redefinition to justify multiple partners and infidelity.” He was right to be concerned, and his warning was prophetic.

Those of us who have been fighting the militant homosexual rights movement have warned for years that polygamy is the next logical step in the battle to redefine marriage. Liberals were quick to accuse us of hyperbole and scare tactics.

But none of them could adequately answer the question posed in yesterday’s report: If society can no longer limit marriage to the union of one and one woman, on what legal basis can it justify discriminating against the love of one man and three women?

We’re about to learn the answer to that very question. Today’s New York Times reports that a “proud polygamist,” and the subject of the reality show “Sister Wives,” is taking his case to federal court, arguing that consenting adults have a right to engage in whatever “intimate conduct” they choose.

He is relying on the Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. That case has been frequently cited by legal scholars as the foundation for the judicial imposition of same-sex “marriage” on all 50 states.

In fact, in his dissenting opinion in Lawrence, Justice Scalia warned that if Texas was prohibited from basing laws on “moral choices,” then laws against same-sex marriage and bigamy would inevitably be called into question. Well, here we are.

When the left insists that we cannot legislate morality, it is lying. All law is someone’s interpretation of morality — someone’s decision that THIS is right and THAT is wrong. The question is: Whose morality will prevail? The left has every intention of imposing its morality on society. Senate Democrats have announced hearings on legislation that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and legalize same-sex “marriage.”

This is why it is so important for men and women of faith to be involved in the political arena. Yes, prayer is important, but action is necessary too. David didn’t just pray that God would defeat Goliath; he picked up stones and fought.

I promise that with your prayers and continued support, we will do everything in our power to make sure our values prevail in November 2012!


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