23 grievances against “King Obama”

Published Date Author: , July 22nd, 2011

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Liberty Counsel Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman

We will send our powerful “Declaration of Independence 2011″ to President Barack Obama and many other officials next Thursday! We need YOUR participation to make this campaign among the most powerful Liberty Counsel has ever undertaken! Please read my urgent message below – Mat.


The events of the past few days once again show how self- absorbed and self-promotional President Obama can be, even during a time of national emergency.

The man who has personally contributed more to the overwhelming financial crisis gripping our nation than any other president or elected official has refused to support a balanced budget amendment – even shamelessly using the Constitution to try to defend his indefensible position!

This from a president whose actions have continually subverted and manipulated the Constitution to advance his overtly socialist political agenda.

That’s why next Thursday, Liberty Counsel is sending our 23 specific grievances to the President (a man who operates more like a modern-day King George III than an elected official bound by an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States!) and many other elected and unelected officials. These 23 grievances are at the heart of our powerful “Declaration of Independence 2011.”

We will deliver this document with its list of specific grievances to the Obama administration, Congress, and other bureaucrats who need to get the message that in America, we don’t tolerate tyrants! Please go here now to read the full document and be included in this very important delivery:


Our grievances against King Barack Obama.

Here are just a few of the 23 grievances we are filing against King Obama and the left-wing, elitist political class that supports him and are bent on destroying our nation:

Barack Obama and his administration have…

Fraudulently installed a national healthcare system against the will of the people, on its face an example of illegal wealth distribution, while repeatedly violating the Constitution in doing so…

Squandered the nation’s resources, creating insurmountable public debt…

Enacted an administrative measure forcing American tax payers to pay for abortions in foreign nations…

Promoted same-sex “marriage” against the will of the majority of Americans, advanced same-sex adoption, and directed an arbitrary policy shift to normalize same-sex relations in the United States armed forces…

Engaged in several “world tours” to apologize for America, bowing to foreign tyrants…

And appointed any number of extra-constitutional, unelected and unaccountable executive “czars.”

These are just a few of the egregious violations listed in the “Declaration of Independence 2011″ that expose the specific ways in which the Obama administration has subverted and bypassed the Constitution of the United States of America.

These grievances are so severe that we felt duty-bound as a public interest law firm to re-cast what is widely considered to be the most important single document in American history – the Declaration of Independence – in today’s setting, reflecting the political and governmental situation we face today.

We need YOUR signature on this Declaration (which was known as a “bill of particulars” at the hour of our nation’s founding) before we deliver it next Thursday. Click here to read the entire document and to sign our comprehensive “Declaration of Independence 2011″:


Liberty Counsel is rallying tens of thousands of Americans to join together and send a clear message that WE WILL NOT SUBMIT to out-of-touch elected officials who ignore the clear will of the American people!

In just a few days, we have already enrolled tens of thousands of concerned Americans in this powerful statement of discontent with what is happening – not in 1776, but right now in the summer of 2011!

Click here now to sign the “Declaration of Independence 2011″:


Proclaim YOUR stand against tyranny! We want to tell the President, his administration, the media, our elected representatives, government bureaucrats, and whoever else needs to hear about it, that patriotic Americans REFUSE to stand by while leftists take our nation apart, plank by plank!

This is a citizen action that every freedom-loving American should take! Now more than ever, the enemies of true liberty need to know that those of us who love liberty have not given up!

THANK YOU for all you do, and have done, as a key member of the Liberty Counsel team!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman Liberty Counsel

P.S. Tell King Obama that you agree with the 23 specific grievances listed in the Declaration. Together, we can stop the deceit and tyranny of the current regime! Please join me in signing Liberty Counsel’s “Declaration of Independence 2011.”

This document is already making its way all across our nation, but we need as many signers as possible! After signing and helping with a financial gift, please send this message to several of your patriotic, God-fearing friends. Again, thank you and God bless you!



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