Published Date Author: , June 7th, 2011

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What a display of arrogance! These two, Michelle and Barack, act like kids in a candy store—and its our candy that they are squandering by taking 500 of their closest friends to London . Just think, we are nearly bankrupt and Obama takes 500 staffers for a 3-day “official visit” to the UK . If you’re not sure what “big government” is, take a look at this.

But you have already read about this in your local newspaper. You didn’t? Okay then, you saw it on CNN? No? Gee, I wonder why our media is failing to report these facts to the American people?

You and I may never see health care again the way it used to be, but Obama took six (6) doctors with him for a 3-day visit to London – along with 494 other “essential” staff.


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