[political]Benefits of being a muslim woman

Published Date Author: , May 2nd, 2011

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This would be simply laughable if it weren’t so tragically true…. -the geko

Benefits of being a Muslim woman:

You must be covered head to toe when out in public. You have absolutely no rights at all. Your husband can have as many wives as he wishes. You get stoned to death should you commit adultery. In a divorce you get nothing, not even your kids. You cannot be out unescorted. You cannot worship in the same room with your men. You have no say in the day to day events in your country. You cannot hold political office. You cannot hold an outside job. You cannot have a career. You must do whatever your husband tells you without question. You are the housekeeper/mother/wife/cook/sexual object all rolled into one. You have as many children as your husband wants. If your husband tires of you, you can lose everything. He can use you as a human shield.

Isn’t being a Muslim woman great?


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