Radical Islam’s increasing power

Published Date Author: , April 21st, 2011

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Dear Beverly,

Egypt’s new government is choosing to reestablish diplomatic ties and align itself with Iran, according to breaking news reports. This threatens the delicate balance in the Middle East and could spell disaster for Israel, our greatest ally in the region.

If Egypt, which has been Israel’s only ally in the Middle East, establishes diplomatic ties with Iran, the sworn enemy of Israel, it would tip the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of Iran and radical Islam.

Knowing and understanding this threat is critical to our ability to confront it. As a part of this effort, we have created a powerful new film called The Export: Radical Islam’s Map to the End of Democracy. We would like to send this film to you absolutely free. (http://tracking.aclj.org/cgi-bin/track.cgi?11-22410-4155087-132754-https://www.aclj.org/petition/Default.aspx?AC=DNE1104079&SC=3777&email=ka7due@yahoo.com&guid=A205974A-B341-407A-9363-F1E6AC69E0C6)

The ACLJ team and I traveled from Washington, D.C., to New York, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and to an Israeli military base on the border of Lebanon. We interviewed senior Israeli officials as well as John Bolton, John Ashcroft, Oliver North, and others.

If you want to understand what is going on with these disturbing developments in Iran and their effect on Israel and the West, please watch this clip of our documentary about the threat of Iran. (http://tracking.aclj.org/cgi-bin/track.cgi?11-22410-4155087-132749-http://www.aclj.org/OnTheTv/?aP=8F87AA6A-AFFD-4B1D-AD18-9DF538422E64&mmType=4&email=ka7due@yahoo.com&guid=A205974A-B341-407A-9363-F1E6AC69E0C6)

The ACLJ has been preparing for this situation for some time and has mobilized our international legal teams to stand up for Israel.

We have long warned – and U.S. officials are now voicing their concern – that if Egypt reestablishes these ties, it could empower Iran to more blatantly support the terrorist organizations, Hezbollah and Hamas, in continued attacks on Israel. Stand with us, stand with Israel, and get the information you need. Order your free copy of The Export: Radical Islam’s Map to the End of Democracy today. (http://tracking.aclj.org/cgi-bin/track.cgi?11-22410-4155087-132754-https://www.aclj.org/petition/Default.aspx?AC=DNE1104079&SC=3777&email=ka7due@yahoo.com&guid=A205974A-B341-407A-9363-F1E6AC69E0C6)

Thank you for your continued support for the ACLJ as we stand up for freedom around the world.


Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel

P.S. If you know of anyone else who should see this documentary on Iran, please forward them this email so they can order their free copy of The Export. Thank you.

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