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Published Date Author: , January 20th, 2011

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Second Mile Living

The Second Mile represents a much higher law — the law of kindness, generosity and love. Going the Second Mile means living above the norm, treating people with kindness and respect regardless of what they deserve. It is not enough to simply do what is required. In order to find joy and victory in our lives, we must give generously of ourselves beyond what is expected of us.

Second Mile living is not based on feelings and emotions. . . but on choice. Not because it is required of us, and not necessarily because we feel like it, but simply because it is the guiding truth in our lives.

The choice to go the Second Mile is the key that unlocks the secret of joy in difficult circumstances. It involves striving for excellence and finding joy in the process. . . doing more than what is required. . . taking control of one’s own destiny by a conscious act of giving extra time, energy, and resources. . . as a gift, not because we have to. . . but because we choose to.

There is a principle of excellence at the very core of the Second Mile. It is a personal commitment to go the first mile. . .AND THEN SOME.

Have an outstanding week! 212 degrees – one extra degree separates the good from the great!


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