“How Long Have You Owned a Car?”

Published Date Author: , January 4th, 2011

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Can you imagine having the same car for 82 years!

I guess it was no longer under warranty…

“How Long Have You Owned a Car?”

Mr. Allen Swift ( Springfield , MA.) received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Picadilly P1 Roadster

from his father, brand new – as a graduation gift in 1928.

He drove it up until his death last year…..at the age of 102 !!!

He was the oldest living owner of a car from new. Just thought you’d like to see it

He donated it to a Springfield museum after his death. It has 170,000 miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent at any speed and is in perfect cosmetic condition. (82 years)

That’s approximately 2000 miles per year… Just thought you would find this of interest.


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