November29, 2010 benedict update, last one from Idaho City area

Published Date Author: , November 29th, 2010

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Dear Friends,

A chapter in our lives is closing today. We are moving out of the Idaho City area to Lowman, Idaho, a town about 40 miles farther up Hwy21 past Idaho City.

It has been a good 6+ years for me here in the direct Idaho City area, full of lots of dreams come true, joys, heartbreaks, and unfulfilled hopes. God gave me the home full of children that He told me to prepare for, but the camp that I had dreamed of also starting, hasn’t happened (but that’s ok).

I married a neat woman and her cool kids, and built a life with them here. We’ve faced danger, good times, bad times, and made many friends. We survived two major house fires, two houses being foreclosed out from under us, and 6 moves. We’ve escaped death by a hair’s breadth multiple times, and had major impact on multiple people’s lives for the good. It’s been both very exciting, and very stressful.

And we’re tired.

But the last foreclosure has forced us to start today’s move (in the foot-deep snow and ice and THREE degrees this morning), and the only door the God has really opened for us is in Lowman, a spread out community farther up Hwy21 from here, deeper into the mountains, almost right at the base of the Sawtooths. It should be a place where we can land for awhile, catch our breaths, and get our feet back under us, spiritually, mentally, and financially. And it means that the Idaho City chapter of our lives is closing, and a new chapter in Lowman is opening, with some exciting possibilities that we are only just getting glimpses of already. We’ll keep you posted as they develop :-)

And for those of you that are interested, I will be compiling all of our newsletters and some of my thoughts from the past 7 years into book form, to be published soon. Several people have already expressed interest in having copies of this compilation. If you want a copy reserved for you as well, just let me know. I would also be interested in any ‘blurbs’/feedback/comments that anyone would care to write, from/about watching us go through the last 7 years, that I might be able to use to preface the book with…

Our last newsletter (october) never got out to the mailing list. You can read it however on my blogsite under the ‘newsletters’ tab.

Incidentally, if you have major prayer requests of your own, I can post them on that site as well, where people (and myself) can and do pray for requests that have been posted under the ‘prayer’ tab. Use the contact form there, but also email the request directly to me so that I can verify that the site page is working correctly.

Our phone number will be changing, as will our mailing address, but our email addys are staying the same. They will be the best way to keep in touch with us over the next several weeks until we can get settled in the new place.

So in summary, we are thankful for everyone’s friendship, encouragements, and prayers up to this point. And we covet everyone’s continued prayers, especially over the next 2 weeks as we attempt this move while dodging snowstorms, dressing against icy weather, and navigating 2 -6,000ft + mountain passes between here and the new place. This move simply won’t happen unless God directs it, step by step. So we’re stressed, but gritting our teeth, facing into the wind, and plowing forward. Sometime you just have to do that, and trust in faith that the destination is there, and that God will make it happen, because from a human standpoint, this move logistically won’t/can’t happen, with all the weather forecast, our low bank account (not been paid on several accounts for jobs that owe me money), and the sheer stress of it all. But we serve a God who is bigger than all that, and I trust Him. I have to. There’s no alternative. So I’m not too worried. It’ll happen, even though I don’t yet understand how. Anyway. Just pray for us if you think of it. Thanks.


Tim, Karen, and kids Benedict ________________________________ Tim Benedict (, the Funky Geko (


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