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Published Date Author: , September 22nd, 2010

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by Cheryl Tracy

The perfect Karma will be when Imam Rauf completes his expensive 9-11 Mosque, and after it’s completion, discovers that he has built his Monument, proclaiming Muslim victory over America, on the pig grave yard that lies beneath the site.

The area where the 9-11 Mosque will be built was used by early Colonial settlers as a huge pork holding area to control the pigs that ran wild through Manhattan Island, in the colony of New Amsterdam, now New York City.

In fact there were so many pigs roaming freely in New Asterdam that they were ruining the early settlers vegetable gardens. 

In Colonial Days, New Your City was over run by wild and domestic pigs. They were considered the city’s early “street cleaners”.

On Manhattan Island, in the colony of New Amsterdam, now New York City, the Dutch settlers constructed a long solid wall on the northern edge of the colony to control roaming herds of pigs.

This area is now known as Wall Street.

There was a big forest fire and pigs ran to safety in the vicinity of the old Burlington building, where the 9-11 Mosque is to be built, but it did not save them. So many of the pigs were killed by the smoke from the fire, that the Colonists did not have enough smokehouses to process and cure them.

These early New York settlers had no choice, but to bury hundreds of the dead pigs right there.

9-1-1 Mosque will Be Built

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