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Published Date Author: , April 19th, 2010

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Commenting on Liberal Group To ‘Infiltrate’ Tea Party Demonstrations OEF Vet says: April 14, 2009 at 8:32 pm Yes, this Operation Enduring Freedom veteran is apparently a fake and a liar, because I’m also a Tea Party protester. I enjoy the thought of risking my life during OEF to learn people such as American Liberal have the joy to call me a fake, liar, tobacco spitting fool. Yes, I’m proud to be an American. Yes, I also have the right of assembly and speech. I realize in the times we live in, there are those who will wage a total war of ideology to meet the ends. I also realize when pressed to the wall, some within the progressive left will, like a trapped animal, do anything to survive. In this case, the progressives of America has made it clear that they have the right to Free Speech and Assembly, but the conservative left, center, and right don’t. What other conclusion can one draw by the actions of crash the tea party groups? I beg my fellow patriots, do not react with anger or violence, that’s what they want. If we do, it will justify everything they have been lying about us. Remember what they said about us in Washington during the Healthcare bill passage, yet after sifting through the sands of lies and having only gold nuggets of truth remaining, we did not attack any congressmen, senator, or other government official. We must show we still maintain the moral courage of character to do watch is right because it is right. We are the generation of peaceful revolution, we will transform America back into the Land of the Free, like war, the road is long and will be hard, but we will succeed, the progressives know this. This is why they are pulling out all the stops, they are cornered and will soon be defeated in November. Remember to always be watchful and careful you do not fall into the traps of the progressives. In November, their agenda will be over, their power base crushed, their leaders scattered, their hopes and dreams will become a nightmare. Our road to restore America to her greatness will have just begun.

This Vet is right on. Taking Back America BE BOLD 2010 Michael


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