May 19th, 2009 More tims musings (via postie)

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May 19, 2009

Dear Friends, 1. Housing status 2. Broken jaws 3. Musings

So I promise, this one will be short. I am in some pain (broken jaw-see below), but I wanted to get this out to everyone before more time went by.

1. So I showed up last Thursday morning for the trustees sale of the property/house where we are, and no-one showed up…. That concerned me. So I called the title company and asked what was going on. And they said there had been a “misprint”. So long story short, the title company made a mistake in all their paperwork (comforting huh?), and they apparently caught and/or rectified it only the day before the sale (Wednesday) So they have to do most of the foreclosure process all over again….. the sale has been rescheduled for Sept 14, and unless the landowners suddenly decide to put in a reappearance on the scene, we can stay here at least until then. So we have 4 monthes with which to earn/save downpayment (assuming a busy fire season) to offer the bank as soon as the sale happens, barring another “misprint” *smiles*. In any case, I am thankful.

2. I was planning to get this note out last night (Monday), but as the day was winding down at work, we were moving some equipment, and the car jack I was using got loose from me. Long story short, the jack handle smacked me in the face and broke my jaw in 2 places. I spent the evening in the emergency room, and this morning in outpatient surgery getting my jaw realigned and wired shut. And talk about pain! But even in this, we saw God’s hand of protection. Several very neat things have come out of this already regarding our family, several of our struggling children, making connections with other Christians in the area, and whatnot. And in looking at where the jack handle hit me with enough force to break my jaw in 2 places, it was mere inches from possibly killing me outright. So I am thankful, even if the pain is pretty intense at moments.

3. Musings. This morning was the first time I have ever been under anesthesia. So there were some unknowns in it for me. In preparing for it mentally before we headed into Boise to the surgeon, I found myself walking through the house, telling each of the children to have a good day at school, while wondering what each would remember me for if things went horribly wrong under anesthesia. And then I noticed my various pet projects that people would be left cleaning up after me (including packratted materials for projects as well). And my disorganization too-that was sobering… And I have no will…. Though I know I will live much longer due to various prophecies over my life that Yahweh has given me that have not yet happened, it was still a sobering reality check for me. And I pass on these reality check musings to you as well.

A. If your life ended suddenly tonight or tomorrow, would those people you love, know it? B. Do you have any closet sins that you would be embarrased to have found out posthumously about you? You shouldn’t… Get them gone. Ask God for help removing them if you can’t do it yourself. C. What is the legacy you will leave behind after you are gone? What good things will you be remembered for? If you can’t point to anything, ask God, right now, to show you how, and to help you immediately, start building a legacy. D. If you don’t have a will, or have undocumented messes, take care of that too. There’s no sense in having people fight over your inheritance, or having the government confiscate some or all of it, by you not having a will. Will your stuff to those people that need your things, or to some charity that can use them.

In short, it’s all about having/living a life that God can use, even in death and the unexpected.

If you email us back, and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can, but it may be a day or two. I am in substantial pain, and it might take me a day or three to reply.

In Him, Sincerely, -Tim, Karen, and kids Benedict


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