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Tuesday, May13, 2008

Dear Friends,

I have discovered several things recently through this whole craziness….

1. It’s hard to live out of boxes! (still packed and ready to move, with one possibility in mind). I am sure glad, though, that the other house sold BEFORE we moved into it and NOT afterwards. God knows what He is doing….

2. Over the last 4 years, I have spent so much time focused on ranch paperwork, collecting construction material donations, recruiting staff, getting married, and just simply trying to survive and make this place survivable by a family while also working full time, that I have overlooked making the place pretty, and in all honesty, I have let it get a little on the junked up side *unhappy shrug*. As I started cleaning the place up over the weekend in preparation to move, I was appalled at what I have let happen here. This led me to my knees asking forgiveness of God, and then to my feet to start cleaning in earnest. I have several dump loads already ready to take to the dump, I burned a huge pile of trash today, and I’ve been reviewing my own thoughts about what I would eventually desire this place to look like in appearance.

3. As I burned trash today, something hit me. Sometimes to get a fire to burn its best, and hottest, you have to stir it. And I realized that as I was cleaning, I could feel some of my own motivation, enthusiasm, and desire to invest in the property returning, with a vengeance. And I realized that it took God stirring the coals in my own life and shaking things up with this whole moving thing, to rekindle my enthusiasm and desire to setup camps and foster homes.

One of my prayers for the last month or two has been begging God to make this summer the summer that we actually become a real camp, hosting real retreats, and doing real ministry. So I can see how He began to answer that prayer maybe when He brought about the move situation to wake me up to how I have let things get “junky” around here, and to rekindle the fire in me to clean things up and make this place a reality. At the same time, it has forced me and Karen to start seriously looking at buying and building our own home nearby, something that I believe needs to happen anyway if this camp is start functioning as I had prayed. It also means the ranch property gets cleaned up faster :-) . Be careful what you pray for, I guess….. *smile*

God divinely led two different couples to visit our church Sunday, and He told them to bring their tennis shoes along, though He didn’t tell them why. Then in conversation with them over potluck lunch, we got to talking, and they ended up coming up and touring the ranch (hence the need for tennis shoes). That tells me that God isn’t done with this place yet, as He is still bringing people to see it, and letting them catch the vision for themselves. It was a neat God-fingerprint to me.

So yes, we are still in limbo. We are still looking for a rental while we finish cleaning up old debts and our credit scores so we can buy/build a house for my own family. At the same time, the loan application for the ranch property is still apparently in process (pray for that one), and we are working on streamlining our paperwork and getting ready to re-file our 501-c3 non-profit application.

And this all leads to my first musing for the day. How is God stirring the coals or embers in your own life? Is He trying to fan something to life? Is He trying to make your passion and zeal hotter and brighter? Will you allow the process to happen, even though the stirring is often painful or uncomfortable? Can you embrace it instead of fight it? Will the stirring produce a new flame of passion, or a black cloud of noxious smoke, in your heart?

And my second musing stems from a statement I recently heard about truth. There is a verse that talks about Truth setting people free. I have always known this to be true. But I had an epiphany if you will this week, when I heard someone talking about it, and God suddenly applied it to a new area of life for me. The ranch dream.

In my fund raising and sponsorship drive, I can approach it from two different ways. I can 1. Beg for help, solicit donations, and in general follow man’s traditional wisdom in gathering support/money, or I can 2. Tell the truth of the situation, and let God do the convicting on people’s hearts to give to the project as they see fit. George Mueller, one of my heroes of the faith did this. He let the truth of his situation be known, without begging for money, and then moved forward, expecting God to supply (which God usually did). So that is the model I am going to try to follow/implement more. Yes, we’ll still go after grants and corporate donations, but on a personal level, I think I’m going to let God do the work of asking people to give. He’s a lot better at that end of things than I am *chuckle*.

So the truth is this. We (bighouse ministries) would like to buy two properties up here, one on Thorn Creek to host camps and retreats, and the second to build foster homes and a school on, where foster/wounded kids can get the individualized, caring attention that they so desperately need (and aren’t likely to get elsewhere), while Karen and I are personally trying to rent/buy property nearby (and have several real estate agents watching for property for us). The Spanish churches of the Treasure Valley have been praying for years that someone would help them develop a camping program for their congregations, and Karen and I have committed to one Hispanic church in particular to help make this a reality for them. Likewise, Idaho Health and Welfare has been running radio spots for months on most of the secular and Christian stations in the area, begging for potential foster families to step forward. Our hearts bleed for the foster kids that get left in horrible situations simply because there are NO foster families available to take them! This is the truth of the need and of our commitment to try to help meet the need. Unfortunately, we can’t do either thing yet because we don’t yet own property to do these things on, but God knows, and has a plan, and is bringing people together to help make it happen. What more can I ask for? :-) Progress is progress, no matter how you slice it.




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