June 3rd, 2008 Prayer ranch update, tim’s musings (via postie)

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June 3, 2008

Dear friends,

At last! An update! :-)

First an update, then prayer requests, then my musing of the day (week? month?)

Well, we’re in the processing of moving finally, to an almost new house on the outskirts of Idaho City, very near the school.

It was through a huge series of “divine appointments” and God fingerprints (ask me about it) that we discovered this house. And though in truth, I am still not at complete peace with this particular location (and I sorely miss living in the forest at the ranch), I still recognize that it as a step in the right direction. It is a much smaller house (3bed, 2 bath) right across from the high school football field, which will allow us the opportunity to work more directly with the youth of Idaho City (several ministry doors of which are possibly open).

A friend told me that this move would be painful, and I ballyhooed him, but guess what. He was completely right. This move is PAINFUL! Scrunching 8 kids into 2 bedrooms and an RV (after most of them each had their own bedroom here at the ranch), has not been completely smooth. Likewise, deciding which of my favorite furniture, and Karen’s favorite furniture, needs to be gotten rid of in order to move into the smaller house, has been a sore point between us.

But it IS a step in the right direction, for multiple reasons.

1. It frees up the ranch house/lodge to be used as a retreat center starting this summer (my goal and prayer for nearly a year now). 2. It gets my family out of the way so that renovations can occur. 3. It helps me get the place cleaned up and presentable for potential investors and interested churches.

What else have I been doing lately?

Several weeks ago, I attended a small men’s group retreat from Calvary Chapel Boise, where I ended up being the (unprepared) worship leader as soon as I got there, after their scheduled worship leader couldn’t make it and God prompted me to take my guitar. It was neat seeing a functioning retreat center, and I came away from the weekend encouraged on multiple levels.

As soon as I got home from the retreat, I then spent the next several days servicing for free a bus headed to Honduras where some friends of mine run an orphanage with 19 kids. He asked me if he needed to pay me for my time and I told him, “No, because you’re already doing what I want to be doing, so I will help.” He smiled and reminded me that while I have only been working on my dream for 5 years, he’s been on his almost 13 *chuckle*. My boss also donated some replacement parts for the bus, my fellow mechanics donated some time troubleshooting issues, and Les Schwab on Broadway donated some tires (they’ve got my patronage now). This was on Monday and Tuesday, two days in which I was daytime fasting and asking God for directions and answers of my own. (In several weeks, I will be repeating the process on another bus from another Christ-centered youth organization near here).

The next day, Wednesday, we found the house we are currently moving into, and got some leads on the new foster home community property that I have been praying about too. So we’re beginning to seriously explore getting this foster home community property nearby. Again, some amazing “coincidences”, “divine appointments” and “God fingerprints” all occurred to lead us to believe this new property is real, accessible to us, and is where God is leading us eventually. (Remember, we want 2 separate properties: the ranch/camp/retreat center, and the foster home community/school). I put God first in my life that week, and in response, He provided us a place to live.

Then last week, I had three days in a row of some really cool encouragements from God about some of this stuff. You see, I was wavering between feeling very discouraged and overwhelmed, dealing with family discord, and yet still trying to recognize this move as a new step (though painful) forward. The first day, I asked God to show me something, and then just let my Bible fall open. The absolute first verse I read was in Isaiah, and it felt like God was speaking directly to me and reassuring me that I WOULD be able to finish building the dream that I have set my hand to. The next day, I did the same thing, and again, the absolute first verse I landed on was in Zechariah this time, where Israel was told, in essence, to not despise small beginnings and “the day of the plumb bob” (a verse I had been given several months ago by someone else even). The third day again, was more scripture again that reassured me of my original calling and vision for up here. I am holding onto that.

In the middle of it all and on a completely unrelated note, me and my brother have been having fun exploring practical ways to get better gas mileage. I, plain and simple, enjoy researching/discovering/implementing practical and cutting edge science. Maybe that’s something I should do (just thinking outloud…..*thoughtful smile*) Maybe I can send a free copy of my ebook detailing our research to anyone that donates to the ranch…. What do you think? It would be helping us all out, and would free up some of your own cash to invest back into charities that are hurting for cash right now in the current economic crunch. I would be willing to share this info on the condition that the money you save with this information is put to God’s use somewhere, anywhere….

Prayer requests:

1. So the orphanage bus is on it’s way to Honduras now. Pray for its safety. Also pray for that their issue of all the stolen paperwork, that could potentially result in their losing their property, is resolved soon and satisfactorily.

2. Pray that this next round of our own ministry paperwork is completed in a timely fashion (The Innocence of God manuscript, the condensed business plan, the re-application for 501-c3, and the conditional use permit and contract offer for the foster home community).

3. The rest of the money to buy this Thorn Creek property outright, and soon. Frankly, there is a TON of both new and used donated construction material, vehicles, and equipment sitting here just waiting for the property sale, to be put to use, that I DO NOT want to have to move into storage someplace or get rid of while the contract is haggled over. The owners have indeed listed the ranch on the open market now, and I need to either move the stuff (and to where?????), or get the place bought, one or the other of them ASAP.

4. Our family peace and sanity in the middle of this “tiger by the tail” adventure we are living :-) .

5. Pray that our move finishes peacefully and successfully.

6. My work situation. This new house (that has an option for us to buy it attached) costs more than double what we paid for rent at the ranch. I am expecting a lot more work this summer, some of my websites are starting to produce some money, and my writing is continuing, but in my own humanity and emotions, I am quite frankly, still nervous about it (and I know I shouldn’t be).

7. Pray that the foster home community property can be procured quickly.

Tim’s musings.

The Biblical book of James says this, that true religion is to help the orphans and widows in their hour of need.

Last week I helped a single mom with three teenage kids move. Her ex had apparently stolen multiple thousands of dollars from her bank accounts and she was up against the wall with money, a foreclosure precipitated by her ex, and just yuckiness in general. My family helped them one night, and the next night, me and one of my daughters and a family friend returned and worked ALL night long (got home about 6am). We saw some cool God fingerprints happen in the middle of it all, between various conversations, events, etc and so forth, and towards morning, this lady’s 16 yr old daughter pulled me aside and thanked me for helping her family out. She said she was going to put me on her “Heroes” list in her myspace account. That floored me. I tried to say thanks as graciously as I could, but it started a whole line of thinking in me.

Is the current generation of teenagers so desperate for heroes, that I have become one, when all I am doing is what any Godly man should be doing, helping the orphans and widows in their hour of need? I know my own failings. I know the people I have let down in the past. I am not worthy to be someone’s hero. But I apparently am, simply by obeying God in this one event. But that also leads me to ask, “Where were the rest of the ‘Godly men and women’, that supposedly live around us, that should also have been helping?”

Ironically enough, it’s something I have made part of my own life’s mission statement, to be a hero in a world that has too few. One of my favorite verses in the whole Bible, that I have mentioned before, is in Isaiah, and simply says, “A noble man attempts noble things, and by noble deeds, he stands”. And while I do not consider myself noble, it is one of my goals to reach eventually (like right, the instant I think I have become noble, then I am not noble anymore).

But in this situation, it was something that didn’t even cross my mind. I saw a single mom (the widow in the book of James) and her kids (the orphans in the book of James) in need, and I sacrificed of my time, effort, and money for them without even thinking twice about it. And in so doing, I apparently became a hero.

So I challenge you. When was the last time you innocently went so far out on a limb to help someone in need that they called you their hero?

In the name of my Father, Sincerely, Tim, Karen, and the family

208-392-6723 timbenedict@peoplepc.com http://www.bighouseministries.com 21 Yellowpine Lane, Boise, ID 83716


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