July 22nd, 2009 Benedict update and Tim’s musings (via postie)

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July 22, 2009

Dear Friends,

As usual, a lot has been happening lately….

1. Broken Jaw update 2. Family life update 3. Housing update 4. Tim’s Musings 5. Prayer requests

1. It’s been just over 9 weeks now, and my jaw is healing nicely from getting broken (though it still aches some). In fact, the doctor was impressed at how quickly it did heal, considering that when we went back and analyzed the x-rays better, it was broken in not 1, not 2, not 3, but in 5 different places (No wonder it hurt!). My mouth closes about an eighth inch off from where it used to, so that has taken some getting used to, but I’m just thankful that it’s ok. I could be dead.

2. The family is scattered all over creation right at the moment. 4 of the girls are in Oregon at various friend’s and relative’s homes. Karen and Isabella are in Portland visiting freinds and relatives too, while Vanya has been at her mom’s home down in Eagle. So it’s just been me and the two boys all last week, “baching” it. It’s been interesting, but good. There’s been lots of video games, a few movies, and some talking time. It’s been good, a little rough at times, but good.

Due to a later start on this year’s fire season, several of us at the shop where I work have been cut to part time hours, so we are just using the next couple weeks to get other things caught up on the home fronts while we wait for the fires to start. I’ll be working on a lot of projects around the house while continuing to build our internet businesses to try to become self sufficient and help fund the camp and retreat center dreams (this includes the publishing business, the gas mileage improvement kits business, the internet marketing business, and more).

Something interesting has been happening lately… We’ve now hosted two all-night x-box (microsoft video game console) parties at our place, after a bunch of Joe’s friends started hanging out here off and on and playing on Joe’s x-box with us. So I actually went out and bought a couple of extra x-boxes to help facilitate this, networked them all, then repaired some old tv’s for them that I tracked down, and now we can have lots of people playing them on teams and against each other in online interactive environments. It’s been a lot of fun for both me and them, and we’ve had 6 or 7 different guys show up each time. It’s been sobering to me though, to count how few of them actually have dads present in their homes – fewer than half of them on average do. It’s interesting to recognize that dynamic, and to step into that role for these boys when I play x-box with them on these x-box party nights. I’m hoping that true ministry grows out of this, beyond simply just providing a safe environment for them when we host the parties.

Incidentally, does any one know of any working x-box or x-box360 consoles (and/or analog tv sets?) laying around and gathering dust that I might be able to buy for cheap? They’re not cheap new…

3. The homeowners here, after finding out that they hadn’t lost the house yet afterall when the trustee sale got delayed until September, went on the offensive against us again in June. We have not responded to them, and have simply asked God to protect us, and work the situation out. We have not heard anything more from them in nearly a month again…

4. Tim’s musings. I’ve had some real “God fingerprint things” happen in the last 2 months. It’s been very cool.

a. Ranch…. I have been challenged yet again to not give up on our dreams of building something up here, whether it’s a camp, ranch, retreat center or ???. It’s been consistent, and I have been repeatedly reminded through Scriptures, God speaking to my heart, and through friends around us that share my dreams, that there IS a destination out there. The dreams have morphed a little bit since Thorn Creek Days, but they are still alive and well. I just keep lifting it all up to God, and asking Him to guide. What I know is that He has called numerous people here, to Idaho City, to build three things: a camp, a retreat center, and a school. These three things keep coming up in conversations, prayers, and visions.

b. On Wednesday this week, I was setting up a generator for a secular music festival up near Idaho City called Rock the Mountain, and something hit me very strongly. As I was there, and just talking with the organizers of this wanna-be-family-friendly event, I thought about the thousands of people going to be there this weekend, just to hear some good music, get drunk, and escape their mundane lives for a few days. And the futility of it all hit me incredibly hard. These people are so lost! They have no purpose in life, and wander aimlessly. It made me both very thankful that I know a God that loves me and has given me purpose in life, and it made me very sad for the people coming to this event. It wasn’t until later in the day that I was told by some locals that the event has a reputation of being a little out of control anyway, almost like Boise County’s own little woodstock event. It was a very sobering realization, on several levels.

It also made me pick up some old dreams and desires of my own to play music agan with a band, and consider it more seriously again. So me and another Christian man I work with are talking about what it would take to put together a group and start playing. Maybe we can reach someone with a musical message of hope, instead of the futility that so often pervades secular music. The idea gained momentum after at least one of the organizers of the event above invited us to play there next year, even knowing that I don’t drink, smoke, or dope.

c. I was reading about the life of Moses several weeks ago, and how he talked with God as a man talks to his friend, and how he led a nation of unruly people prolly 20 million+ in size, for over 40 years through some tough times. People questioned his abilities to lead, questioned his ability to provide for the family of Isreal, questioned his motives, and argued incessantly with him, but he stayed true to his calling through it all and finally lead his people to a better land and a home of their own. I think he (Moses) is becoming my own personal Bible hero. So I’ve been asking God ever since reading about Moses, to let me have that kind of relationship with Him too. And I’ve noticed that I’ve been seeing/recognizing a ton of little “God-fingerprints” around me all of a sudden, as well as getting/hearing/recognizing faster answers to some of my prayers, as well as hearing Him speak back to me about various things more clearly. But it also means that some things about my life and our culture that didn’t used to bother me much, are suddenly bothering me more, almost as though I am feeling God’s emotions about these same things that I am coming to understand, bother Him too. It’s weird, but it tells me that I AM making progress in the right direction (towards HIM).

d. I had a dream several weeks ago, that was prophetic I believe, that I would request people to pray about. I dreamed that I was talking to Bill Clinton, and that he was sharing with me about some terminal medical condition that he had, so I offered to lay hands on him in my dream, and pray healing for him. And the prayer that came out of my mouth in my dream, was not just for healing, but also this. I prayed that Bill would step into his real calling, that he would become the spiritual leader that people will remember him for, that he would be remembered for his spiritual impact on the world, not his presidency. I prayed that this would be his true legacy. The next day, I checked the web concerning Bill’s health, and apparently, he is indeed becoming obsessed with his health and mortality for some reason… So I suspect that the dream was actually prophetic. Just pray that it becomes reality. I’ve since sent him an official invitation to dinner with us sometime, but who knows if that will actually go anywhere. It’s hard to imagine something like that actually making it through the system to his desk. So I’m being challenged to actually pray for him in my waking hours too, instead of staying disgusted with his previous actions. We ARE supposed to pray for our leaders, so now I guess I’m doing more of that.

e. Even though I started the first draft of “The Innocence of God” over 2 years ago (available as a free download below, so share it with anyone you think could use it), I still find myself pondering what all that phrase truly means. There’s just so much there in that concept, once you get into it. When the author himself (me) gets convicted and challenged by it, repeatedly, apparently there’s something there that God wants me/us to hear.

5. Prayer Requests a. The first and foremost way to help us get these dreams off the ground is simply to pray, and pray hard. Pray against the darkness, and pray that God protects us, leads us, and opens doors for us, both as a family and as a member of a team building something bigger.

b. There are three adjacent properties (and possibly several more) next to here that either already are for sale, or are coming up for sale soon, that would be ideal to include in a camp or retreat center, if this location is where God wants us to develop it. It’s a beautiful location, and ideal in many ways. In our own strength and finances though, it won’t happen. But in God’s? Anything is possible. I will only say that it would be nice to have this whole group of properties right here wrapped up into a single camp where we (and people wanting to move here to help), can finally start building and developing the camp/retreat/conference center. My spirit aches to be moving forward with this.

c. Pray that I have and use wisdom as we move forward, especially in making the most of my time. There’s so many things going on, that becoming overwhelmed is a constant danger for me/us. Maybe I have too many irons in the fire, maybe I am trying to accomplish too much at once, or maybe I am just feeling the urgency to make something happen, and soon.

d. Tell God thank you for being such a good God to us.

e. Pray that our online businesses become successful enough for us to meet our needs while working in ministry fulltime and helping fund the dream.

God is a good God, and I am glad to know Him.


Tim, Karen, and Kids Benedict


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