January 6th, 2010 Benedict End of 2009 nd Tims Musings (via postie)

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January 6, 2010

Dear friends,

1. Family News 2. House Update 3. Year End Review 4. Tims Musings 5. Praises and Prayer Requests

1. Family News: I was wrong about something in my last newsletter regarding the garage fire we had. The 1 gallon gasoline cans (over ten of them) that melted in the fire DID leak. I discovered it several days later. In fact, most of them had vented half a gallon or more (each) of gasoline vapors into that super-heated, open flame, burning environment that was my office in the garage. The whole place should have fireballed and exploded (and several fireman verified this with me), and burnt the house down with it, with us potentially still inside sleeping. You tell me. Is there a God that protected us that morning? Its simply beyond explaining why 5+ gallons of gasoline vapors did not ignite in that superheated, open flame environment.

Now begins the process of me going through and line iteming everything that was damaged and burnt. Talk about overwhelming, with a touch of sadness thrown in. And the insurance company (State Farm) changed their tune midstream about what they promised to advance us on our fire policy, so that surprised and irritated us, but we’re working with it.It’s just going to be a long slow process, and one that I dont look forward to, given all of the dreams, projects, and thousands of dollars of electronic, sound, and computer equipment that burned in the fire.

For Christmas though, we went to see family. The boys went to see Karens parents and brother, while the girls and Karen and I went to see my parents and my brothers and sister. A snow storm chased us all the way down to Tahlequah, OK (so we drove straight through 1600 miles), and THREE snow storms battled us on the way home. We had to hole up in Laramie Wyoming one night to avoid one of them. One of the other two storms was a white knuckle affair that had us down to a crawl, going past too many slide-offs to count. It was crazy, but we made it. God is good. And it was good for everyone to see family. But I also think we’ll stay home for the holidays next year *chuckle*.

And I think I am finally gearing up for hydrogen cell production on the final prototype that I have. That feels good. Nevertheless, I am also still sending out applications as they come up, and am hopeful about one in particular working for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) down in the Boise valley. Once fire season kicks in up here, I have a guaranteed job back down at the shop, but even with that job, I believe I could still also do MAF stuff.

2. House update: We’ve been scrambling on things ever since the house got repo-ed by the bank on Dec 8th. Fortunately, the bank has been working with us since the repo happened, to see about us buying this house ourselves and staying in it. They have indicated that we can stay here indefinately as long as we allow the house to be shone on MLS, but that they also plan to list it next Friday (Jan16). Fortunately, they are also giving us first crack at giving them an offer. Then they told us what they will list it for and what they would like to see our offer at. The price they gave us is less than half what it was on the market for several years ago, and a price that is entirely within my budget, assuming I can get a full time job in the very near future. We were astonished, in all reality. Apparently the fire really impacted what the final price was set at. So we are scrambling to liquidate assets, sell off stuff, nail down a full time job, and move forward on this FAST, because it prolly will NOT last long on the market, at the price they plan to list it at. You might pray with us that this process goes smoothly, and quickly. We need to get financing, a co-signer, the full amount, or at least some idea of how we can get an offer on the table by next Friday (Jan 15). We are exploring all the options we can think of.

It’s interesting to me that all this stuff with the house is suddenly happening now, because after the fire, I changed the way I was praying, I quit focusing on other properties around us, and I just asked God to help me establish my Jerusalem (my family), right here and right now, before I try to branch out with our other dreams again someday. And Karen and I both nailed down some of our thoughts on how to use THIS house in ministry capacities, immediately.

3. Year End Review. There was so much that happened this year in our world, that it would take forever to list it all. But in a nutshell, these are some of the highlights. a. Three of the eight kids are now successfully homeschooling through an online charter school. b. Our house was foreclosure in Janurary, 2009 (precipitating an ongoing test of faith); sale was delayed several times; finally repo-ed by the bank in December. c. Garage fire December 10th, just two days after the house repo, that was miraculously contained and did not burn down both the garage and house. d. Sergei trying his wings a little and returning to the nest for awhile. e. Kids all growing like weeds and transitioning into teenager-dom. f. Launched multiple web businesses that to date are not yet break-even, but making progress g. Began intensive research and development into aftermarket, mileage boosting products, including self-developed hydrogen-assist technology. h. Thanksgiving trip to Portland Oregon, and Christmas trip to Oklahoma, to see relatives and family i. Refocusing our long term dreams and visions down to just starting small, with our own family first, and eventually branching out from there. j. Continuing to develop relationships with various local youth k. Published 2 books through our new publishing startup (Evergreen Publishing), “Exploring the Innocence of God” and book 2 of my Sci-fi trilogy. l. Suburban fixed, then another immediate breakdown, and finally, a way to fix it again m. The van back in the repair shop after sliding on black ice and smacking a tree. n. Unemployed most of the year due to very slow fire season and work shortage at the shop o. God proving His reality to each of my family in turn… p. Karen connected to the local community of women in multiple ways, and now has a ministry of her own encouraging people. q. Several of our children have started their own businesses, and at least one is making progress r. Karen got flowers to grow for the first time up here! s. Wood stoves installed for heat in the house! t. Good health all the way around… u. I got the short end of the stick in a fight with a handyman jack, and it broke my jaw in five places (and God used it to deepen my character). v. We inherited a tool shop and quilting corner from Karen’s Grandparents w. Family life dynamics getting figured out… x. Learning to live on a tight budget while unemployed… y. Karen and I learning how to be more patient, love better, fight more fairly, and meet each others needs better z. Our hearts are turning to God in a deeper way than ever before, being established in righteousness and Gods Word…

And there you have it, the Benedicts A to Z for 2009 :-)

4. Tim’s musings…

It is very interesting place to be in, after being in limbo for so long on the house, to suddenly have possible resolution, and a potential answer to our prayers about it. Its that point where you find yourself almost afraid to even hope that the waiting is almost over. And the fear of being disappointed is suddenly very real. And I guess thats where faith comes in once again. Faith happens all the way through the process, from beginning to end. Self sabotage is not an option. Like with the children of Isreal heading into the desert, the fear of the unknown and the fear of being dissappointed, were both greater than their fear of the bondage that they were so used to (they wanted to return to Egypt), and that they knew so well. And they did it again after wandering in the desert- balked at entering the promised land. Change is hard. But faith walks forward out of the old and into the new, in trust, embracing the chance for change, ignoring the waves and trusting God.

5. Prayer Praises and Requests

a. Thank God for protection on our trips, during the fire, and all through the chaos around us b. Thank God for always keeping food on our table and a roof over our heads c. Thank God for taking us deeper into Him d. Thank God for the chance to own this home, both to make it our own, and to share and minister with it

a. That we can impact our community here in Idaho City for God. b. That our children would choose to serve the Lord with their whole hearts c. Money or financing for the house, asap. d. Income to pay our bills (several possible job openings being explored)

Sincerely, Tim, Karen, and Kids Benedict

POB 171132 Boise, ID 83717 208-392-6723


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