January 28, 2009 Tims musing, childrens refuge update (via postie)

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Wednesday, 1-28-2009

Dear Friends,

Here it is, the new year, and the first month is almost over already…. Time is flying too fast!

This is just a quick update on our situation….

After moving off of Thorn Creek into a tiny 3 bedroom house in April-May of 2008, because funding for Thorn Creek fell through one last time and the owners asked us to leave, we finally found a larger house in September 2008 on the outskirts of Idaho City where we actually fit as a family. It is a nice place, and we were happy to move in and breathe a sigh of relief, hoping we had finally found a place to land for awhile and call our own.

The agreement we set up with the homeowner at the new place was that we would pay rent equal to the mortgage payment, and they would pay the mortgage with it while we got our credit in order, applied for a loan, and moved forward to buy the house from them within a year. Portions of this agreement were verbal and portions were written. Our hopes were to eventually run a prayer bed and breakfast out of our new house here, while also adopting, sheltering, and reaching out to local at-risk children with it. Up until this month, God has provided money or work every single month to cover this rent-mortgage payment.

However, we received notice several weeks ago from the bank that this property has been moved into foreclosure status with a trustees sale scheduled for May 14th, with mortgage payments missing clear back to April, 2008. At the same time I became officially un-employed, AND we received word that the city of Maicop has just reopened for international adoptions again, meaning that we could now try to locate the remaining 2 younger siblings of the three Russian children we have already adopted and that I Tim now call my own…

And this is where things get weird, because the homeowners are swearing up and down that they have paid the mortgage with our rent, that it is all just a big misunderstanding, that their lawyers are working on it, and that the house is NOT in danger of foreclosure.

Yet in our own research of the situation, we have found that the truth has not been presented accurately by someone somewhere, because we are getting conflicting stories from multiple locations.

And in the middle of it, God is covering our bare necessities, but January work and rent has simply not materialized for us yet, leaving us in a precarious position of our own with the landlord.

So Karen and I and one of the kids have been working like crazy setting up ecommerce sites on the net while I have been out of work the last several weeks, desperately trying to get some income flowing before things start getting shut off. I am also doing all the standard stuff too through unemployment, job searching, etc. while Karen has also completed her first manuscript, the story of Sergei’s adoption from Russia, and is now looking for a publisher.

This is one of those Red Sea experiences like what I read about from the Bible in family circle to the kids the other night. Here we are, backed into a serious corner, with creditors, landlords, my ex, the courts, and everybody and their puppydog demanding money out of us, money that we simply do not have right now. It feels very much like the Children of Isreal pushed up against the Red Sea in the desert, with no place to go and the Egyptian army dogging at their heels. What now?

So we as a family are praying for deliverance. In some ways it is drawing us together, while in others it is tearing us apart. One member of the family went to bed crying last night that they have just given up hope. What does a guy do with that?

And I feel like Moses, just putting one step forward at a time while trying to reassure everyone that God has a way out for us already planned, and yet I have no clue what that way will be yet. I just know that God protects those that serve Him, and that He has always done so. That is His character. Yeah, He sometimes lets hard times-things hit in order to build our character, and that true character is a priceless thing. But in all honesty, we also feel like the lament of Hezekaih when besieged by the Assyrian army (another recent story in family circle). We feel like we have been in labor, about to birth something new and exciting, and now here at the end, we have no strength to deliver.

So we request your prayers, not whinings to God, but sincere prayers of thanks, worship, and requests for our protection and guidance.

Pray too that: 1. That the Tim Benedict family bonds together instead of ripping itself apart, 2. That the children see and recognize the power and love of God around them: guiding, loving, and protecting us, 3. That we find a way to meet our familys financial obligations, 4. That we find Sasha and Ruslan in Miacop, Russia, 5. That we continue to have ministry to the wounded people of the Idaho City area. 6. That God shows us what to do with our apparently shattered dreams of building a camp, prayer retreat, and childrens refuge.

God is great, God is good, I trust Him to deliver us, and I will not deny Him. He has always been my trustworthy fortress and firm foundation in time of trouble, and in Him I find my strength and refuge. He loves me, and I accept that.

Sincerely, Tim, Karen, and kids Benedict


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