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Published Date Author: , March 11th, 2010

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Just found this site…..a friend showed me the pillowcase her child did they got her for her birthday and it was darling! In real life the quality of the product was great! Her child did a better than example job on the pillowcase, but they give examples to the children to spur them onto really great coloring plus they have a pillowcase or t shirt they can use once they finish…plus a card to color and send as a gift to someone.

They come with all the fabric markers and colors and you get to choose a charity for part of the price. Thought it was very nice that they include a charity that aids children of fallen Marine’s and Law enforcement in the line up of choices.

Thought you all might be interested or know people who would be….just one of the cutest things for a gift and useful as well as creative had seen in a long time.

Hope you enjoy it…..:


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