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Two part update. See below for part 2.

1. We had a good weekend. On Sunday (yesterday), I held home church here at the house, and as part of it, read excerpts from two different autobiographies, one called -23 minutes in hell (Bill Wiese), and the other called -90 Minutes in Heaven (Don Piper). Both are written by dedicated Christians who saw beyond the grave to what lies ahead. Both line up with scripture, and both were vivid in their detail.

I think the thing that stood out to me the most about their stories was the utter and total contrast between the two very real places. One was a horrible place of absolute death, decay, loneliness, terror, destruction, pain, torment, hopelessness, and despair, and the other was absolute light, beauty, brilliance, warmth, love, peace, fellowship, and goodness.

The whole point in all of it was that each and every one of us have two choices to make in life, one of them a one-time decision, and the other an ongoing on.

1. Where will each of us (and our friends) spend eternity? We can choose to live separated from God now, and let that decision follow us into eternity, or we can ask Him to forgive us for our failures, come into our lives now, lead us, and change us, thus guaranteeing ourselves a place in HIS home, for eternity. If you ask me, this one is a no-brainier. I would ask you, what have you got to lose?

2. We can also choose now, to either make it easy for God to protect us and change us into something better, by our actions every day, or make it hard for Him to protect us and love on us. Sometimes this decision has to be a daily thing, in our personal battles with various vices, or in our choices of what we feed our minds and spirits with in music, books, movies, friends, hangout places, etc and so forth. Fortunately, we dont have to fight it alone, and He DOES give strength and wisdom to those who ask for it.

At least one person that was at home church yesterday morning, somewhere in the time frame of church and quiet time afterwards, gave their life back to God and asked Him for help and wisdom going forward. It is all good man, it is all good, and brought tears of joy to my eyes when I found out about it later (and still does when I think about it).

We dont do home church every week, as I have committed to playing music at another church once a month, but we have begun doing it more often than we have in a long time. If interested in visiting, just call first to make sure we are holding it that week. We are in the phone book.


Dear Friends,

As always, there is lots to talk about, but first things first.

1. We are thankful to God who loves us and protects us, and to those who have prayed for us and helped us out.

2. Work. We had a Haiti trip planned at work (logistics stuff mostly) several weeks ago, that would put all of us at the shop back to work, that fell through about the same time the missionaries from Idaho here got arrested there. We dont know of any connection between the two, but who knows. But another proposal that we also put together awhile back got funded last week, so I should be able to go back to work in several more weeks as things get sorted out. So that’s a good thing, and will be very nice. It is not that I havent been trying to use my unemployment time productively, it will just be nice to be paying bills on time again. I have been able to do a few odd jobs here and there, and I’ve built myself a new office after the fire destroyed the last one, as well as continue to work on some of the family web businesses and hydrogen cell technology. I keep thinking that one of these days one of these other business ideas will take off, but as of yet, they have not.

3. House. We are still under an eviction notice in our house here, with a little over a month left. The bank rejected the last offer I gave them, and I don’t know if I can meet the expectations they have for any further offers. So we’re still exploring our very limited options. As for the possibility of having to move out, we havent even started thinking about that yet, and are simply praying and asking God to work out us staying in this house, the one next door, or another one nearby, for us.

4. Life with four teenagers and several tweens continues to be interesting. Some of the drama they experience even rivals stuff I have gone through as an adult. Deep and demonstrated love, coupled with firm boundaries, personal respect and loving discipline, these seem to be where its at. And in the middle of it, trying to model and teach Gods love to/for them as well. Throw in a few genuine tears of both good and/or hard emotions as well, and you pretty much get the idea…

Tim’s musings

A friend of mine brought up something to me last week in the middle of some painful walkings between Karen and myself, where baggage from both our pasts collided somewhere between us and caused us much fragmentation, pain and discord. This person reminded me about Karen and my wedding, and how our unity candle flame went out during the ceremony, and God supernaturally lit it back again about 30 seconds later in full view of several moderately alarmed individuals (myself included), thus stamping His full approval and witness signature on our marriage. But symbolically, what God did there goes even deeper. My friend reminded me that when two people become so lost in their own pain that they no longer feel the emotion of love, or even sometimes the desire to love (when the flame of love goes out), God is the only one who can supernaturally light it up again. And even deeper, it reminded me that even when a situation looks so hopeless that all hope is lost, be it with a marriage, a child, a house, or whatever, God can still supernaturally light things up again. And I took comfort and hope from that. And it gave me the encouragement I needed to ask God to help me start to rise above my own pain and rekindle passion, hope and love in my own heart and marriage again (and He has done so). But it is just amazing at how fast/easy we can sometimes fall back into those wounds of the past. Unresolved pain is paralyzing. It extinguishes things. But God can heal that, and get things moving again. He is good at that, if we only ask Him. I still struggle with stuff. I still rub people the wrong way sometimes. Sometimes I mess things us. But I am still pointed in the right direction, and I am moving forward. Progress is progress, no matter how you cut it. And God makes it all possible, if/when we ask Him to.

In it all, I have discovered one thing. If you trust God, you can trust God.

God is good, all the time (and dont you forget it).

In Him,

Tim, Karen, and Kids Benedict


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